Fawn Update

We talked with Devon of Wildlife, Inc. Education and Rehabilitation Center during the Flight to the North Pole Holiday Party held on December 7, 2017. He rescued the  abandoned fawn we found near the AquaNew office last Good Friday. Devon shared with us the good news that she survived, grew and was released back into the wild in August. Before release, the young doe was held in a wire enclosure for a day or so. She is part of a herd of other deer rescued this past season. They were given watermelon as a treat (see photo to the bottom right). Once acclimated to their new home environment, the herd was released together. Devon told us that the herd lives on a 1,000-acre private property surrounded by another several thousand acres in Lakeland, Florida. No hunting is permitted in the area and he said… “they can come and go as they please until they’re off on their own”.

A sweet story with a happy ever after ending … all living creatures deserve a good start in life.

MORE PHOTOS of the young deer released last August