Not Everyone is On Vacation in Florida … Including Gourley Relatives!

June 19, 2021: Our niece, Sierra, and Rob’s sister, Amy, recently flew down from upper State New York to Florida. One day on their “vacation”, they spent time with Uncle Rob at the bottling plant.  They captured the two photos below of Rob bubbling DiTetra Gas into a tank of ultra-pure water to make Watt-Ahh.








On the following day, at the fulfillment center, Sierra and Amy again helped Rob to catch-up on some of the backorders for the Watt-Ahh liter bottles. They moved pallets, boxed cases of Watt-Ahh liters, placed shipping labels on outgoing boxes and stack boxes onto pallets. Amy even learned from Rob how to operate the forklift to unload twelve pallets of new Watt-Ahh liter bottles delivered by the bottling plant that morning. During the afternoon, Amy and Sierra again handled the boxes to help Rob and the UPS driver, Will, load over 140 boxes into the UPS truck.





















Both Amy and Sierra agreed that they have a better understanding what is involved with the AquaNew business. We also appreciate their energetic enthusiasm to help. It is a somewhat of a tradition after 14 years that our relatives from both sides of the family have provided unrelenting assistance and support … unselfishly giving up their Florida beach time!