Pneumonia is No. 1 Childhood Fatal Disease Worldwide – New Modality May Decrease Child Mortality (Part 2)


Update on Water Ion Technologies (Part 2) 

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the dire need for a new effective modality to reduce mortality of children worldwide from the ravages of antibiotic-resistant forms of pneumonia. We are not aware of any vaccine that will safeguard all children (and adults) from all types of pneumonia.

Challenges and Opportunities

Throughout the World, the treatment of children under the age of 5 years old, who may or may not be infected with viral-strains of pneumonia that are resistant to both immunization and antibiotics, has these major challenges:

  • Reduction of inflammation in the lungs to improve efficiency of healing.
  • Hydration for cellular communication and mitochondria function (intrinsic energy for healing).
  • Sanitation of indoor environments.
  • Application of a modality more effective for patient recovery when compared to that of oxygen concentrators.
  • Optimum respiratory gas flowrates for infants and children under 5 years old is between 0.1 and 2 liters per minute delivered via nasal cannula.
  • Mobile respiratory therapy devices that are affordable, durable, user-friendly for front-line health workers, reasonably compact, and can operate using solar energy in low-resource areas where electricity is not consistently available.
  • Savings from no refill and transport costs of heavy oxygen cylinders.
  • Maintenance of the range of normal levels of oxygen in the blood.
  • Humidification leading to risk of aerial bacteria. A device is needed such that humidification is not needed. Administered gas hydrates the nasal passages of the patient to avoid dryness and broken blood vessels.
  • Potential for mass production of the devices.
  • Annual replacement of devices to allow servicing and minimal machine down time in the operation at clinics.

Introduction to WIT Technology (Water Ion Technologies)

wit.machrkfimcgomez615Water Ion Technologies (WIT), along with our machine manufacturing partner, RK Mechanical, Inc., can assist in meeting these challenges and opportunities. Our devices have a different technology from oxygen concentrators that use ambient air. Instead, the WIT® Machines use a U.S. patent-pending electromagnetic process to convert liquid water into the high energy gaseous form of water.

About Us

WIT International, LLC ( of Sarasota, FLWIT provides oversight in research and licensing for LSG Partners, LLC, sole owner of the intellectual property of Water Ion Technologies. Rob Gourley is CEO of AquaNew, WIT and LSG Partners, and he is the inventor of the WIT® Machines.

RK Mechanical, Inc. ( of Denver, CO: RKMI holds the exclusive world license for the manufacture of WIT® Machines. RKMI is a major employer of over 1,200 skilled individuals in design, engineering, fabrication, project management and marketing, and has manufactured WIT® Machines for over one year. Rick Kinning is CEO of RKMI.

In the next and third Part of this series, we will present a prototype device, designed with a lower gas flowrate for infants and small children, that could meet the challenges and opportunities identified in this article.

In the Photo Above: One of the WIT® Machines that operate at Dr. Monhollon’s Florida Integrative Medical Center (FIMC) located at 2415 University Parkway #218, Sarasota, FL.  34243 (Phone: 941-955-6220). Hernando Gomez of FIMC is shown standing next to the WIT® Machine in the photo.

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