Detriment to Unlocking the “Cycle of Prosperity for Women” Worldwide – Water Ion Technologies Modality May Decrease Child Mortality from Pneumonia

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One of the pillars of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is aiding women to unlock the “Cycle of Prosperity.” Women typically maintain the household budgets that are allocated to give nutrition, shelter and education for their children. A family’s livelihood and prosperity are severely damaged over the tragedy of losing a child. Although advancements in proper nutrition, sanitation, and vaccines are driving down mortality the sad truth is the worldwide rate of mortality for infants and children under five years old remains high.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 4.45.07 PMThere are certainly successes, including the recent announcement by the Gates Foundation that no child has been paralyzed by the wild poliovirus in Africa over the past year. Vaccines were administered to targeted villages based on an effective evidence-based program to systematically eradicate polio. The Gates Foundation, in collaboration with other organizations, have implemented a similar program with the mission to eradicate malaria worldwide by 2040.

Shockingly, an average of 19 children die gasping for breath, every five minutes worldwide, from pneumonia-related complications (New York Times, “The Killer No One Suspects,” Nicholas D. Kristof, May 11, 2009). It is also a deadly disease that is currently less recognized with limited donations when compared to that of either polio, malaria, AIDS or diarrheal diseases.

Antibiotics and oxygen support may assist in treatment of certain types of pneumonia and ease breathing for the child during recovery. Data collected from five hospitals in Papua New Guinea showed slight improvement in child case-fatality rates caused by pneumonia (from almost 5% to 3.2%) with an improved oxygen system involving oxygen concentrators and pulse oximeters (356 fatalities out of 7,161 children admitted vs. 133 of 4,130 children admitted with improved oxygen system). (“Improved Oxygen Systems for Childhood Pneumonia as Multihospital Effectiveness Study in Papua New Guinea.” Trevor Duke, et al., August 18, 2008).

However, a multifaceted intervention is needed since some viral-strains of pneumonia may not be effectively eradicated by either vaccine, antibiotics or oxygen treatments. The Gates Foundation recognizes a disproportionately higher infant mortality from some viral and bacterial pathogens before these infants can be immunized. This requires a different modality and evaluation program in managing certain resistant forms of pneumonia. We are of the opinion that Water Ion Technologies should become the center of this new modality … one that is nature based and does not involve development of a new vaccine which some believe may cause adverse reactions in children.

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