Project Camelot Show – Discussion of Watt-Ahh, the Fifth State of Water

Project Camelot Show Host Kerry Cassidy interviewed Sterling Hill on August 28, 2020. Sterling, who is an epigenetic researcher, talked about the importance of hydration by Watt-Ahh bottled water to support good genetic expression and overcome cellular damage caused either by stress or microwave radiation frequency exposures. She mentions the fourth state of water (a gel-like substance in cells) but heavy metals and radiation exposures can block the absorption of this gel in children on the autism spectrum. Sterling states the fifth state of water (DiTetra Gas or Watt-Ahh bottled water) discovered by AquaNew’s Rob Gourley can be more readily absorbed by children on the autism spectrum … and also immediately improves the health of many of her patients who suffer from the effects of severe dehydration and lack of absorption of essential salts.

During this interview, Sterling summaries some of the results from our pilot autism study involving the evaluation of urine samples from children and their parents by the Great Plains Lab. She said after drinking Watt-Ahh, the children had a drop in adverse gut bacteria and yeast markers, stopped wasting Vitamin C and B Vitamins, and improved in amino acid absorption (along with other improvements including verbal communication). She said microwave radiation is a “huge, huge player in the autism”. Sterling states during the interview that Watt-Ahh supports cellular hydration, ATP production, uptake of essential salts, and cellular signalizing. She further states Watt-Ahh delivers negative ions that both grounds, polarizes and oxidates the cells.

Thank you, Sterling, for sharing your genetic and health expertise on the significance of Watt-Ahh with others.

For the discussion on microtoxins and pilot study on autism: Go to minute 49 of the video (and view the leading discussion on the topic about 5 minutes before)

For more discussion on Watt-Ahh: Go to minute 127 of the video