Unlocking Genetic Potential to Break Generational Disease

We all have compromised genetics that give us propensity for certain generational diseases. Some of these diseases may accelerate in one’s life due to environmental toxin exposure. There is science that good nutrition, exercise, active hydration and supplements could improve upon genetic expression and break the cycle of generational disease. The health of our own digestive microbiome is reliant upon genetic expression.

The genetic potential topic was recently discussed by a panel on the Transparent Media Truth (TMT) channel hosted by Doug McKenty. The panelists included Epigenetic Counselor Sterling Hill, MIT Glyphosate Researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff and Functional Medicine Coach Maryam Henein. The podcast can be found here. Catch time 2.04 on the video when Host Doug gives a passionate commentary about the potential of biogenetic treatments that do not get into the mainstream since huge funding currently underwrites antiviral research.

Other segments of the panel discussion that relate to oxalate and aluminum removal; Sterling’s summary of our pilot autism study in removing oxalates (she introduces Watt-Ahh at minute 1:15); and Dr. Stephanie’s biochemistry explanation on toxic destruction of glyphosate in producing oxalates and the potential for fatty liver disease, can be found between minute 1:18 and 1:21.