Revolutionary Water Researchers’ Critique of Watt-Ahh

The critically-acclaimed book, entitled Dancing with Water … The New Science of Water, unveils both the discoveries and science of structured waters and its eloquent energy. The second edition of the book explores the therapeutic effects of gas infusions into water including oxygen, ozone and hydrogen. We were indeed intrigued that Authors MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans were willing to consider the possible therapeutic benefits of infusing water with the active form of the water gas discovered by AquaNew’s Rob Gourley.

Over the span of almost one year, MJ and Melanie conducted their experiments with Watt-Ahh. They purchased over 600 bottles to start their experiments and outreach to colleagues on their feedback on the Water. MJ is a natural scientist who had formerly written books for doctors, naturopaths and inventors and is driven to understand the natural forces that constitute the “web of life”. Melanie is an intuitive and a healer who is inspired by the descriptions of Victor Schauberger on water’s consciousness.

During this experimental year, MJ called Rob Gourley on occasion to get his explanation of what they observed about Watt-Ahh. It motivated both MJ and Melanie to write this article. Last week, they posted the following critique:

“We get lots of emails asking our opinion on this or that product. We can’t look into everything, but when we are drawn to something, we check it out. We never thought we would be writing to tell you about the latest bottled water. But in this day and age, you have to keep your eyes open because everything is suspect … and anything is possible.

Watt-Ahh … it claimed to be structured water … infused with a unique new gas, made of … water. We weren’t sure that made sense, but we were intrigued. Searching online, we found a patent, and looked further. If what we were reading was true, it was truly revolutionary.  So … we decided to try it for ourselves. And now after 9 months of exploration, we are ready to give this one a “thumbs-up” — especially since there is disinformation already lurking out there to prevent you from looking deeper.  In an effort to keep you on the cutting edge with us, we have written an extensive 3-part article to unravel the mystery and to explain what puts Watt-Ahh in a glass of its own.”

Their article covers the therapeutic effects of Watt-Ahh including a source of energy, faster signal transmission, improved absorption and hydration and deep detoxification. They explore the health potential of adding a very low amount of mineralized salt into the Water. Plus they touch on the superconductivity of Watt-Ahh … making theories of at least one physics Nobel Prize winner become reality.

MJ and Melanie capture the lightning side of Watt-Ahh. Thank you, MJ and Melanie, for being open to the possibilities of nature and boldly sharing with others your experiences and theories about Watt-Ahh. It makes us all want to dance with the harmony of Earth’s life forces.