Inhale! … Defeating Viral Contagions

We breathe in viruses every day. Complete anti-viral protection is a myth. Viruses can morph into other strains and even replicate into our own DNA, reducing the effectiveness of any given vaccine. Sure social distancing, hygiene,  protective gear, and isolation are good practices to reduce the general spread of a contagion. But what is an effective way to defeat infections once an airborne virus enters the respiratory system and the resulting infection causes respiratory failure? Pathology from autopsies of those who have died from COVID-19 complications remain limited. Pathologic examinations have revealed patients exhibited edema (fluid accumulation that obstructs pulmonary gas exchange), proteinaceous exudate (chronic wound of blood vessels allowing passage of solid matter into the lungs), and other cellular morphological damage including fibrosis (scarring of the lung tissue).

We think the way a virus enters the body’s respiratory system by gas (air) transfer is key to changing the treatment paradigm. Inhalation of DiTetra Gas® with a high redox potential can change the environment of the pulmonary area to make it less favorable for virus survival and possible spread of infection. The Gas may also boost the effectiveness of other treatments including that of hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine is considered by scientists to be a zinc ionophore (a substance which is able to transport zinc across a lipid membrane in a cell to destroy virus).  Side effects of hydroxychloroquine include slow heartbeat and heart failure. DiTetra Gas including water infused with DiTetra Gas may be a more natural zinc ionophore with no side effects.

Several doctors have recently outreached to us about information on DiTetra Gas to share with their colleagues both in research and in the military. Plainly speaking, the concern remains high among these practitioners that targeted treatment innovations are not immediately available to save their patients in pulmonary and cardiac crisis. Unfortunately, there are only a few WIT Machines that produce DiTetra Gas at this time but we remain hopeful that our technology be considered in the future as part of the worldwide protocol in defeating the deadly symptoms of viral infections. In the interim, we want to share the following information that we provided to doctors:



Retrovirus that are airborne can inject into our RNA and can replicate into our own DNA. According to Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, 6-8% of the DNA is retroviral DNA. Other doctors refer to the latter as “junk DNA”. Dr. Klinghardt stated that retroviruses may cause a variety of diseases including autism, auto immune and cancer.

One of the greatest concerns associated with the current COVID-19 virus is the grave symptom of viral-related pneumonia which is one of the leading causes of death worldwide … including infants and young children. We are unaware of any vaccine that will effectively prevent pneumonia. We offer a Technology that could help in alleviating pneumonia symptoms and possibly assist in faster pulmonary recovery.

Introduction to the WIT Technology/DiTetra Gas

DiTetra Gas® is the stable, active-form of water gas with a high redox potential. Individuals with pulmonary complications inhale the Gas from the WIT Machine under the guidance of health practitioners. The US Patent office issued a utility patent for the infusion of DiTetra Gas® into pure water creating the stabilization ingredient for chlorides and peroxides used in multiple medical products.

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  • Video and Audio entitled “Discover Your Genetic Weaknesses to COVID 19 with Sterling Hill”, Host Wendy Myers of Myers Detox, dated 4/29/20 (between minute 10:30 and 11:30). Later in this same podcast, Sterling and Wendy talk about the benefits of Watt-Ahh (between minutes 38 and 42) including 1) flooding your body with oxygen, 2) hydrating all cells to generate reactive oxygen species and 3) providing the proper polarity of electrons on the oxygen. Sterling states earlier in the podcast (around minute 22) that the tissue of patients with COVID had electrons that were reversed on oxygen molecules. Wendy states that drinking Watt-Ahh could be life saving.

Panelists for Skype Meeting

  • Robinson Gourley: Inventor of DiTetra Gas and WIT Machines
  • A Physical Chemist
  • A RN and Director at a hospital in SW Florida
  • Walter Campbell: DOAM, Physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hollywood, FL.
  • Other possible participates include Sterling Hill of MTHRF Support and Wendy Myers of Myers Detox

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