Southern Run for the Brave

aquanew.deliveryhurricane916As Hurricane Hermine made landfall in the Panhandle of Florida, the first one in over a decade, Steve Browne and Steve Lennon kept the Watt-Ahh® deliveries going for two consecutive days. They dodged the rain feeder bands of the storm coming off the Gulf of Mexico and drove around flooded neighborhood areas. A truck on fire diverted them off the highway, and they traveled instead with slower moving traffic down U.S. 41. The “Steves” were doing well and keeping dry until the afternoon of the second day, when they got drenched while unloading and restacking over 50 cases of liter bottles inside the carport of one of our customers. Then, they came upon this neighborhood (shown in the photo above) and carefully navigated down the street below the water to deliver Water to another customer. The only casualty to the delivery van was the windshield wiper arm, which was damaged by the wind.

We love the courtesy side of our business and hearing stories of helping our customers from the “Steves” after each delivery day. There are usually one or two random stories of kindness, such as Steve Lennon helping Katherine at the Real Juice Bar in dismantling a wheatgrass juicer for cleaning, or the story of them being asked by another customer to walk around her yard to look for a possible intruder when her house alarm went off.