New Wave Health – Centner Wellness and Spa

February 3, 2023 — There is a new health oasis in the heart of tony Brickell Avenue in Downtown Miami. The Centner Wellness and Spa is destined in a short time to receive international acclaim for its many new wave health devices including the third WIT Machine currently operating in Florida clinics.  The center is the newest health-related venture for Leila Centner who searches the World for beneficial machines that in combination create a full spectrum of therapies including longevity, ageless beauty, superior hydration, detoxification, weight loss, energy healing and peace of mind. During a break between open houses yesterday, Rob and I brainstormed with Leila and her team on expansion of the true new-wave healing concept with an emphasis on the restorative and soothing power of the polarized water. Drinking the polarized water (Watt-Ahh) and immersing into baths filled with either calm or swirling polarized water will set the Centner Wellness center well apart from all others. It will attract both domestic and international travelers who are seeking a healing respite from the hustle-and-bustle of our fast-paced World.

Leila already has a strong reputation of being a health advocate. Her Instagram account states … “Transforming the World through education with healthy choices and mindful hearts”.  She and her husband own the Centner Academy (preschool through middle school with the high school coming on line in the Fall of 2023) and the school also is located in Downtown Miami. They have a seed-to-school program that provide to the students and faculty nutritious produce harvested from their farm.

The photo above shows Rob Gourley talking with both teachers and parents of the Centner Academy about the WIT Machine during the recent open house held on Thursday, February 2, 2023. The video at this link shows Leila wearing goggles for the infusion of the DiTetra Gas generated from the nearby WIT Machine while she eases into a massage chair … Ahh!

Contact information for the Centner Wellness and Spa: 2333 Brickell Ave., Unit A-1, Miami, FL  33129, phone #305-602-5260. The official opening is on or about March 1, 2023.

Leila Centners near WIT Machine (video can be found at this link: