Spotlight on the Southern Run

Once a month, our dedicated delivery guys, Steve and Stever, reload the Sprinter van to full capacity Thursday evening after a long day of deliveries, sometimes as long as twelve hours on the road. Every first Friday of the month, they are back on the road before sunrise to make the “Southern Run” of southern Englewood, Port Charlotte, Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs and Naples.

We enjoy meeting our customers as well as business owners offering healthy and wholesome products to their customers. This time we are spotlighting the owners behind two special businesses located south of the Sarasota/Venice area that offer Watt-Ahh®. Each one is intuitive and open to learning more and have even traveled to the “Ranch” to meet with us once or twice.



Owners: Katherine Jouan (l) and Sue Drummer (r)

Location: 310 Old Englewood Road, Englewood, FL 34223

Telephone: (941) 474-4060

Facebook Pages: Simply Organix and The Real Juice Bar

Katherine, with her beautiful smile, surrounded by trays of young sweet wheatgrass and other types of sprouts, greets her many customers each Saturday morning at the Sarasota Market on Lemon Avenue. Her tent is near the Whole Foods side of the market, in front of the Sur La Table store. We go for the Kefir Culture (a natural probiotic) contained in a glass bottle. And, of course, we pay little extra for the version made with Watt-Ahh® for more boost. We celebrated part of my birthday last November by visiting Katherine and her kind partner, Sue, at The Real Juice Bar – with gardens and other creative and health-oriented studios nearby. It is a true veggie-fresh oasis. In one of their coolers, the dark maroon color of the juice made with beets is eye catching. And, when we tried it, we have to say, is the best tasting juice on Earth!



Owners: Wendy and Rod Law

Location: 3840 Colonial Boulevard, Ste. 2

Telephone: (239) 275-0039

Facebook Page: YOLLO Wellness

Watt-Ahh® Link on Yollo’s Website:!watt-ahh/an5g5

Wendy and Rod Law are a dynamic couple with a mission for better health. They opened the Yollo Wellness Center (“you only live once”) while operating busy restaurants in the Ft. Myers area. We had to ask why. Wendy had not completely recovered from the lingering injuries of a major auto accident. Consequently, they embarked on a “second-chapter” journey to find alternatives that complement traditional recovery methods. They also have a passion to share what they have discovered with others. Today, the YOLLO Wellness Center has certified specialists with patients referred by medical doctors throughout the United States. YOLLO offers diverse modalities including hyperbaric, digital infrared thermal imaging, blood analyses and concussion testing.