Structure, Stability, Coherence and Ormus – Why Water Researcher and Author M J Pangman of Dancing with Water Thinks Watt-Ahh is Unique and Has All of These Properties

October 27, 2023 – Dr. Wendy Myers ND of Myers Detox interviewed M J Pangman. The podcast (scroll down the page to the banner shown to the left) starts with practical and inexpensive ways for anyone to improve the energy force of water and then kicks into high gear on the molecular uniqueness of Watt-Ahh. M J and her partner, Melanie Evans, performed some biofeedback studies on Watt-Ahh and the results were “energetically off the chart”. They had to practically redesign the chart. M J talks about their profound experiences in researching the properties of Watt-Ahh and they concluded that Watt-Ahh is not a “designer water” using frequency devices.

Over the past two decades, M J has studied many types of waters, the writings of Viktor Schauberger, experimentation on water “messaging” structures by Masaru Emoto and assisted a water scientist with high-science awards from Korea by compiling and translating into English his work on the energy of water. M J says in the video that Watt-Ahh was the deepest research that she and Melanie performed after the release of the 2nd edition of Dancing with Water with the subtitle of The NEW Science of Water*. Both of them were more than intrigued with Watt-Ahh. M J describes some of these observations and shares their theories on what happened in this podcast. Why did Watt-Ahh placed in a ceramic water cradle tunnel through and leak outside the container after a couple of days? Why is plastic the best container to store Watt-Ahh? Why would the conductivity go down as well as the resistivity go down too when Rob Gourley infuses the DiTetra Gas into pure water? No spoiler alert for these questions but you can find the answers from M J by watching the podcast.

As the podcast discussion progresses, M J  and Wendy advanced beyond water structure to even higher levels of organized matter and molecular energy properties including quantum coherence (or networking of water layers) and ormus electron spin for super-conductivity of energy. As M J describes in the podcast, these energized structures are needed by our own bodies to prevent DNA from falling apart and energy to “knock on the cell door” to carry in nutrients.

Watt-Ahh infused with DiTetra Gas, 100% water, checks all of the energetic boxes … it has a stable structure with organized coherence having extra electron exchange on the outer shell plus DiTetra Gas itself is formed in a magnetic field that creates an ormus condition.

In the podcast, Dr. Wendy talks about Watt-Ahh as being one of her secret weapons for super hydration and anti-aging. Both Dr. Wendy and M J share how they use Watt-Ahh for nebulizing, misting eyes and skin, faster dissolution of nutrient powders and clay used for detoxing (the latter stays in suspension in the Watt-Ahh), and mixing with lavender essential oil for faster healing of minor scraps. M J sums it up by saying Watt-Ahh delivers Nature’s balance of oxygen and hydrogen in an energized fashion for our bodies.

Things are Not Possible but Yet They Are

Starting around Minute 54.40 of the podcast, M J, in responding to Dr. Wendy’s question on any more insights about Watt-Ahh, stated the following  …“We are very excited. We know as soon as the lid comes off on some of the science that has been hidden from us for many years, things are coming out about this Gas. Honestly, it was the Gas when I read the patent documents is what got me excited. I thought ‘Oh My Gosh’ these things are not possible yet they were. And that is exactly what we found when we did our research. These things are not possible but yet they were.”

* M J emailed us that the best cyber reference for their book editions is to search “the NEW science of water”. Also for more information on their research and more articles, visit Dancing with Water website and its Facebook Page.