Check it Out! The New Watt-Ahh Shopping Cart

November 4, 2023AquaNew’s new shopping cart has launched!

Since last Summer, we have been “shopping” for a new cart. It felt like test driving to buy a new car. Actually, the search evolved into finding a “sports car of a cart” that is eye-catching, sleek and has dynamic performance. O.k., we are exaggerating but we hope you like the new look and ease of use for the new shopping cart. We realize with the launch, more tinkering may be needed and would appreciate your feedback so the cart is streamline in its practicality for all of our customers.

Just like any special sports car, we have our own list of credits too:

AquaNew’s Bob Chenard (concept)

Brian Dubil of Webtivity (he receives the highest MVP award with his patience in working with me and applying his skill in the functional creation of the cart)

Roy and Jordan Sewell of Sarasota Wraps  (header banner, photo shown above)

Shopify (the server that runs the shopping cart)

Ben Head of UPS (interface of AquaNew’s UPS discount rates with Shopify) (gateway security for our customers’ credit cards)