Summary of COVID Recovery Survey

Over the past several months, we have often wondered if Watt-Ahh Polarized Water helped our customers in their body’s immunity response. Did the Polarized Water have a role in stabilizing hydrogen peroxide produced by T-cell defense and increasing oxygen levels in blood to prevent the virus in getting a foothold inside the body? With a more recent science breakthrough on “memory T-cells” that may provide longer protection than that of antibodies, does the Polarized Water have a role at the mitochondrial level that governs our immune defense?  We realize that no product will protect against contraction of a virus.

As we promised, here are some of the feedback that we received from our informal survey:

Front Line Assistance: At least two customers assist COVID patients in hospitals. They reported being the only ones of the nursing staff that experienced no symptoms during the peak times of the COVID virus. A third case involves an equine veterinarian clinic such that the entire staff tested positive for COVID except for two doctors (one of these doctors has been a regular Watt-Ahh customer for years).

Recovery at Home: Below are the testimonials of customers who were able to stay at home in quarantine with the care of their family:

One customer experienced COVID-19 symptoms for four weeks. She reported her blood oxygen level went back to normal range when she drank Watt-Ahh. She drank a one-liter bottle when she woke up and nebulized with the Water three times a day. She wrote about a week later that both her airway and stomach were effected by the virus but her blood oxygen level remained normal. She attributed Watt-Ahh in keeping her out of the hospital.

The same customer’s son drank Watt-Ahh and also took supplements Vitamin C and melatonin and was able to recover at home.

A podcast host talked about her recovery drinking Watt-Ahh and potassium.

A woman got COVID in December of 2019. Prior to the infection, her lungs were already compromised and she ended up with a terrible secondary infection in her lungs. She took an antibiotic and that didn’t get all of the infection. She combined colloidal silver, a natural unprocessed salt solution and Watt-Ahh and experienced a better recovery. A discussion on adding mineralized salt and Watt-Ahh can be found here.

Another woman also got COVID in December of 2019 and the symptoms continued into January 2020. In the past, she has had pneumonia three time.  She states in her email to us … “I simply drank my Watt-Ahh and did as you had suggested in the past when I had pneumonia. I put Watt-Ahh in my tea pot and treated myself to steam treatments two or three times a day … My opinion is Watt-Ahh kept me out of the hospital and functioning. I was very tired for a couple of weeks but, I managed my daily routine. But, I was drinking about twice as much Watt-Ahh a day as normal …. Thank you for taking the time to explain how I could get maximum benefits from Watt-Ahh! I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to say it prevented a hospital stay on my part.” Her full testimonial can be found here.

Emergency Recovery: Rob and I had a colleague who visited us in early December of 2019 after he returned from a business trip to China (before Americans were aware of COVID-19). He arrived extremely ill with what we later realized were severe, life-threatening symptoms related to COVID. He listened to Rob’s advice to stay over in the office and breathe the DiTetra Gas. The next day his body went through an intense cleansing and he felt better to be able to drive home to Texas. Rob and I had slight symptoms for a couple of weeks later. We think both Watt-Ahh and DiTetra Gas boosted our individual immunity systems against the COVID.

Photo credit above: Scanning electron microscope image of the coronavirus from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ (NIAID) Rocky Mountains Laboratories (RML). The image is in false color, showing the COVID-19 virus from a patient in the US. The viral particles are colored yellow as they emerge from the surface of a cell, which appears in the image in blue and pink colors.