Trusted Brands for Detox and Clean Living

February 27, 2024 – We all carry toxic loads in our body. It is unavoidable when we are exposed on a daily basis to nano toxins in our air, water, food and even beauty products that can clog the lymphatic systems and drainage pathways of our essential organs including the liver and kidneys. There are natural and free things we can do to cleanse our bodies of toxins including deep breathing, drinking pure water, eating clean food, quick thermotherapies (cold or hot), and sweating each day. The search for products, however, that will provide a deeper binding and release of toxins can be a challenge. Unfortunately, some of these products can actually increase the toxin load and cause more stress to the body. How can one trust the brands we commonly use, going beyond reading the ingredient labels?

Trusted Brand Disclosures

The cosmetic aisle in your favorite grocery store should be considered like food since these products can absorb through the skin and into the blood stream. We need to be discerning about cosmetics, deodorant, cologne, perfume (beware of a chemical fragrance or scent added to products), and even feminine products, like when we shop for organic and natural foods. Chemicals in many cosmetics and personal care products can add to the toxic load in the body. If you are not sure about the cleanliness of the beauty products you use, check them out at this link.

A second recommendation is to follow a trusted expert in the detox world. One individual that we follow is Dr. Wendy Myers of Myers Detox. This month,  Dr. Wendy sent out a global email to her followers entitled “Some of the Only Wellness Brands I Trust”.   In her own words concerning her recent detox series … “One of the reasons I’ve put this event together is because it’s SO hard to know what consumer brands you can trust anymore. As you’ve seen during the Heavy series, plenty of ‘healthy’ brands are anything but. 

Dr. Wendy continues … “That’s why I wanted to be sure to remind you of some of the only healthy brands I trust”. Watt-Ahh is one of those brands that she lists.

Other brands that Dr. Wendy says … “will enhance your health, protect you from common toxins, and help you detox and recover” including breakthrough technologies in infrared therapy and biotic nano particles, safer beauty products, benign frequencies, effective vitamin supplements, glutathione, Carbon60, detox foods and foot baths, and even for cleaner households including bed mattresses and cookware.

How Do I Get a Copy of  the List of Products that Dr. Wendy Trusts?

We will be glad to share Dr. Wendy’s important list with you. Please email me at and I will forward Dr. Wendy’s email list to you.