Engineer Your Good Health

Free Range Co-hosts Gail “Gail of Gaia” Ross and Sterling Hill recently interviewed Rob Gourley, who is a mechanical engineer and inventor of DiTetra Gas and Watt-Ahh. The podcast can be viewed here.

At the beginning of the podcast, Rob and Sterling shared stories of their respective family legacy in mechanical engineering including many inventions in detergent, dimmer switches, parts for original cars and tanks. Both Rob and Sterling continue the pioneering spirit of invention. Sterling researches and provides consultation on the bio-potential of gene expression while Rob works on the energy potential of water (the 5th State of Water). Gail is a naturopathic nutritionist and host of numerous health-wise videos with a huge following.

Thank you, Paul Biener, for the followup interview with Rob plus creation of the introduction and great voice-over for this podcast.

BTW, Gail shares her newest beauty tip for maintaining her gorgeous hair. Yes, you can engineer better hair health too!

Gail and Paul later revisited with Rob and that podcast can be viewed here.