Watt-Ahh — Express-Lane Hydration Even at the Beginning

Big High-speed Day! January 19, 2022 — Today, Watt-Ahh liter bottles were produced on the inaugural run of a new high-speed bottling line at Ultra Pure Bottling, Inc. in Tampa, FL.   Not only does Watt-Ahh provide Express-Lane hydration, it is now produced on a fast track too! The new machinery is breathtakingly State-of-the-Art speed.

The pre-blows swing fast around to go inside the individual molds and immediately pop out blown bottles with high-heat steam coming out of the top openings of the bottles before being cooled by the chillers. The filler rapidly fills each bottle milliseconds before the cap twists down onto the bottle opening. All of this with the blink of the eye!

Next, the bottles line up on the long conveyors for labeling and gathered into groups of 12 bottles for the tray packer. The shrink wrap clings to each case and is sealed going through the heat tunnel. Each case is then strategically placed by hand onto a pallet with additional shrink wrap and cardboard corners affixed to the exterior of each pallet for secure freight transport.

The photo above shows the perspective landscape of hundreds of bottles on the conveyor … bottles as far as one can see.  A parallel second conveyor line is currently undergoing installation so the number of bottles in this perspective will multiply again when the system is fully running. A video can be found here.

The new bottles are a smidge shorter than the former liter bottles. They are still tall beauties but can fit on store shelves easier.

It has been a tremendous amount of work in the installation of this bottling line over several months. We extend our appreciation to the Ultra Pure Bottling team including Larry, Dom, Nicky, and Dustin plus the front office crew including Patricia, Donna, and Klein.

The photo to the left shows a content Rob Gourley as the new Watt-Ahh liter cases rolling out of the heat tunnel. It was indeed a day of celebration! And the new bottling line should increase the Watt-Ahh volume production to give us more reliable order fulfillment as the customer base grows … without the miserable back orders!





Blow Mold for Creating the Bottles







Before Tray Pack







Pallet Stacking