Electrical Potential Attraction Across the Cellular Membrane — AHA! Discovery on Healing Requires Energy for March 2022

January of 2022 – One of the unsolved mysteries is how water can efficiently permeate across the hydrophobic barrier of the cellular membrane. Our bodies are mainly composed of water such that absorption is essential for all cells and blood platelets; but there is no active pump for water to cross the lipid layers of cellular membranes. There are pumps, however, for certain ions including sodium and potassium that use ATP energy to overcome the concentration gradient but none for water. Instead, water slowly flows by osmosis or diffusion across cellular membranes or through aquaporins (protein channels embedded in the membrane itself). One theory for more active transport of water without an ion pump is the electrical potential differential change between the inside and outside of the cellular membrane. It explains why Watt-Ahh provides immediate super hydration to cells.

Electrical Potential Attraction and Watt-Ahh Super Hydration

The ability to drive an electric current across a resistance such as a cellular membrane is called “difference in electrical potential”.  Cellular membrane potential is the electric difference between the interior and the exterior of a biological cell. The interior of a biological cell is usually negative with respect to the outside. The membrane potential allows a cell to function as a battery and transmit signals for both inter- and intra-cellular communication to perform vital life functions.

Our theory is the interior of the cell can become less negative resulting in a lower electrical potential differential. Cells are susceptible to oxidative stress (more positive charge) caused by exposure to toxins, molds and unhealthy frequencies. When the negative charge lessens inside the cell, the inside particles have an attraction to the exterior particles due to opposite electrical charges. This positive-negative attraction is often represented by two magnets. The structure of Watt-Ahh with its extra electrons (negative charge) hydrates cells through this electromagnetic process across the cellular membrane. It is a more rapid active transport when compared to that of the more passive diffusion and osmosis (flow from a higher concentration to a lower concentration).

This active transport also explains the significant uptake of vitamins and other nutrients dissolved in Watt-Ahh. Most nutrients do not have an electric charge or ion pump to overcome the resistance of the lipid layers of the cellular membrane. Watt-Ahh provides an electrical potential for complete absorption of  nutrients which is more efficient when compared to either osmosis or slow diffusion across the cellular membrane.

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