A Gentle Breeze Across the Eyes

Our friend, Nada Cory, who is President of the non-profit Joseph P. Cory Foundation, was a wonderful hostess during the third annual gala held in Deerfield Beach, FL last weekend. Rob and I felt like we had arrived at Watt-Ahh’s “second hometown”. For years, Nada and her friend, Lindsay, have shared their supply of Watt-Ahh with both their friends and colleagues who volunteered to help with the gala. Nada had arranged for a bottle of Watt-Ahh at the lovely dinner table settings for over 100 guests (Nada is shown in the photo above). Nada encouraged the guests to recommend to the Foundation locations to set up additional gardens for healthy harvests and one individual gave a shout-out during her presentation to donate $2,000.00 for the Foundation’s garden projects. Nada was inclusive in highlighting the professional health skills within the group. She kindly introduced our guest Dr. Walter “Buck” Campbell, DAOM and his chiropractic colleague, Dr. Mark. She also asked Rob about growing sprouts using Watt-Ahh and he confirmed that is a great idea.

We had one of the 10-cell WIT Machines to demonstrate during the health expo that occurred before the dinner reception. Dr. Buck explained to others how he uses the machine in his clinic. We shared the swim goggle accessory with others including Lindsay, Edgar and Jackie who also were good nature in allowing me to photograph them. I even got into the “space gal” mode myself. While PR Media Expert, Amanda Roxborough, interviewed Rob on video, she also captured my initial reaction for wearing the goggles for the first time. The Dioxytetrahydride Gas infuses into the goggles and it feels is like a moist tropical breeze going across the eyes.









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Thank you, Nada, Lindsay, Amanda, Lisa and other Foundation volunteers, for a warm reception and your mission for assisting others who are seeking optimally healthy lives.