Awakening the Heart of Humanity – The Museum of Consciousness

The Crane Dance is a sparkling kinetic sculpture activated by sunlight and wind. Visitors at Resorts World Sentosa, located on an island near Singapore, China, are thrilled by the spectacle of the two mechanical cranes that fall in love and transform into ‘real’ digital cranes. The best part for us being into water, is the 40-foot wings of water cascading from each crane that bless the guests with love, long-life, and good fortune.

The same award-winning creative entertainment designers (EDC) recently visited in Sarasota, Florida for several days to focus on Carol Vengroff’s incubator project … The Museum of Consciousness.

Many of us seek knowledge and enlightenment (e.g., appreciation of nature and meditation) to chart our respective life’s journey. While some individuals like Carol, experience near-death that becomes transcendental for their lives. The museum concept is to create a loving but high-energy interactive environment that intrigues and entertains all the senses of the mind and allow us to connect to our own experiences, memories and dreams … becoming part of the museum’s mission to “awaken the heart of humanity”.

Carol has told us for years about her museum concept. She envisions that the crystalline-energy of Watt-Ahh will have a part in the Nature subject area of the future museum. We were honored that Carol invited AquaNew to display at the reception when she introduced both her creative design team and others who are working with her on the museum project. Timelines seem to vary but EDC Designer Alex Calle, who is the Chief Creative Officer and CEO, told us that it is possible with an ambitious schedule to have the museum open within 24 months. Another EDC designer, Director of Projects Richard Wechsler, said the museum could become a catalyst to save a failing commercial center within the Sarasota area by drawing in visitors from all corners of the World.

Of course our preference is known … we envision cascades of Polarized Water with blessings of energy, health and connected lives!

Photos: Credit to Trip Advisor for the header photo of the Crane Dance. For the closest photo above, Alex Calle of Entertainment Design Corporation (EDC) is shown at the end of the charette for the Museum of Consciousness Project on September 22, 2018. For more photos, go to AquaNew’s Facebook Page.

Thank you to Lisa and Gary Seaboyer for assisting us at the Watt-Ahh display during the reception. Lisa works at The madeby Gallery located within the campus of the Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, FL.