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by AquaNew on May 30, 2018

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Today (May 30, 2018) is a major health milestone. Terminally-ill patients now have access to experimental drugs and devices shown to have great promise without having to travel abroad for treatment. The “Tricket Wendler, Frank Mongiello, Jordan McLinn and Matthew Bellina” or the “Right to Try” Bill was signed by President Trump in the presence of the both the surviving honorees and their families. Additionally, the new federal law limits the liability of a sponsor, manufacturer, prescriber, or dispenser that provides, or declines to provide, an eligible investigational drug to an eligible patient, one who has exhausted all FDA-approved treatment options and is unable to participate in a clinical trial. As President Trump said they have a “fighting chance to be cured without leaving their home.”

The new “Right to Try” Act gives new hope to those families who have waited on possible FDA approval of new drugs and devices, sometimes over a decade or never during their loved one’s lifetime. It also gives both new hope and a lower liability threshold for those innovators in the health field as well as health practitioners who treat “last resort patients”.

For this health milestone day and in recognition of the Act’s honorees whom most suffer from neurological conditions and over 750,000 stroke victims each year within the U.S. , we share this new testimonial below and a video on the use of both the WIT Technology and the Polarized Water by Dr. Walter Campbell on one of his patients.

Testimonial from the patient’s son follows:

“Just wanted to update you with the progress my father has had since having a stroke last month and both drinking the Polarized Water and having a few treatments with Dr. Walter Campbell (a.k.a., Dr. Buck) in Ft. Lauderdale.

His stroke in April affected his entire left side, so left hand/arm, left leg and foot articulation was near zero. After 4 days of only drinking the Polarized Water, he was able to improve hand flexion in his left (2nd time, stroke affected side) hand, that allowed him to make a closed fist, something he couldn’t do for the past 5 years plus! I then scheduled an appointment with Dr. Buck and his first session was to be 2 hours. Forty (40) minutes into the session I went into the treatment room to check on him and he said ‘look what I can do!’ and proceeded to lift his entire left leg high up to shoulder height while in a seated position! I asked how he knew he could do it and he said he felt ‘lighter’ and tried it just a few moments before I had entered into the room. He had a 2nd treatment which proved beneficial also and has since been discharged from the rehabilitation facility he was at and is now home.

Thanks so much!” Edgar C. of Florida

New Fundamental Freedom

Thank you to the sponsors and supporters of the new law that gives each American the fundamental freedom to have access to experimental lifesaving treatments. From an inventor’s standpoint, we can keep American ingenuity home too and not wait for new technology to first be applied in other parts of the world and eventually come back home. The President also mentioned in his speech today, about another positive spinoff of this new law that may help in lowering prescribed drug costs. Our hope is that this is a new horizon for more humane care with greater access to more immediate and diverse therapy options.

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Stephen M Musco June 5, 2018 at 1:09 pm

It has always made no sense to me that the FDA would prevent terminally ill people from taking a last chance to save their own lives. What business is it of the FDA, chartered to regulate the food and drug industry? Instead they cause the price of drugs to go up dramatically and delay the availability of life saving drugs for years while people die.

My mother-in-law, suffering from cancer many years ago had to go to Mexico to try a new experimental treatment. It did not work for her. Who knows why, wrong cancer, wrong drug, but she tried. Unfortunately thanks to our government she had to endure a harrowing trip while ill t Mexico.

We must continually question the role of government in our lives. Eternal vigilance prevents tyranny. We currently live under the tyranny of the regulator.


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