AHH-mazing “AHA!” Discoveries, Part II: Rob Gourley’s Inventified Family and More

We started in February 2015, AquaNew’s monthly tradition of recognizing “AHA!” Discoveries. The first was the famous practical tool, the “Pocket Fisherman”, designed by Walter Herbst. The past AHA’s between February 2015 and December 2017 can be found here.

You know you’ve experienced it – that special “AHA!” moment of realization that seems to hit you when you least expect it. Some find it through meditation, self-reflection, brainstorming, creative pursuits, or spending time in nature.

We invited anyone to share their inspirational revelation, their own Ahh-mazing “AHA!” Discovery, with us. For part of 2018, we are spotlighting AquaNew CEO Rob Gourley’s Inventified Family Members and Childhood Friends.

Below is a compilation of these discoveries …

Past “AHA” Discoveries starting in December of 2017:

  • December 2017: Helen Fox Trowbridge – original American doll designer
  • January 2018: Richard Pass – electrical porcelain (think about the beginning of the USB plug) and Pass’ World War II contribution
  • February 2018: James Pass – first American vitreous fine china
  • March 2018: Rob Gourley’s simple solution for improved visual clarity: modified swim goggles, a new accessory for the WIT Machines
  • April 2018: Jim Trowbridge, detergent researcher and innovator
  • May 2018: Robinson Gourley Sr., parenting skills in raising a Inventified child
  • June 2018: Mason Trowbridge Jr., general practitioner in rural Maine, with innovation out of necessity
  • July 2018: Elizabeth Wild, children’s book author
  • August 2018: Morgan Wesson, childhood friend and early dune buggy mechanic
  • September 2018: Mason Trowbridge, general counsel who prepared the association covenants for the Yelping Hill (Connecticut) summer retreat community in the 1920’s
  • October 2018: Heather Burns, Broadway child star (next “Inventified” generation)
  • November 2018: Lyle Gourley, write-in politician
  • December 2018: Bob Wilson, WWII veteran and high school teacher

Do you have an Ahh-mazing “AHA!” Discovery to share?

Email inquiries@aquanew.com. This can be any idea or endeavor that may help others in their own revelation or better quality of life. Alternatively, want to nominate someone with special skills of creativity and innovation? Let us know!