A Better, Cleaner World Through Blue Technology – The Original “Green”

Water energy is the key to global climate change. DiTetra Gas produced by WIT Machines should have a major role in new energy innovations that the World is desperately seeking. There are no carbon emissions since WIT Machines can operate on power generated by either solar or wind.

The first industrial WIT Machine, we call “Big Jake”, is used by AquaNew in manufacturing Watt-Ahh Polarized Water. Big Jake, after operating in hot Florida-based bottling plants for almost a decade, recently developed a water leak. Inventor Rob Gourley (l) and our friend, Scott Wilcoxson (r) in the photo to the below right, worked for over two weeks on repairing and improving Big Jake. Even the exterior panels got a makeover before reinstallation back into the bottling plant.


Blues Brothers

Over a decade ago, we were inspired by Jake and Ellwood of the Blues Brothers “On a Mission from God” fame in naming Rob’s original prototypes. Ellwood is a simple device made from a PVC pipe and circular top and bottom of a Campbell’s Soup can. Yes, it makes gas and it seemed relevant since Rob’s grandmother designed dolls of the iconic Campbell’s Soup twins almost a century ago.

Big Jake, holding almost 80 cells, was originally constructed by Rob in 2010. It is one of our core machines for the WIT Blue Technology. The first photo below shows Big Jake at the bottling plant before the cosmetic makeover.  The second and third photos below show the cells after almost ten years of operation and the newly cleaned cells ready for action, respectively.

Big Jake next to a 6,500 gallon tank at the bottling plant, circa 2016









Cells out of Big Jake after a decade of operation







New cells back in the carriage and ready to go for another decade.







We will be glad when Big Jake is back in the bottling plant again, making DiTetra Gas that is infused into ultra-pure water to make more Watt-Ahh.

Special thank you to Apple House Press and Sarasota Wraps that creatively assisted us in Big Jake’s cosmetic makeover.