Be the Ahh! – Watt-Ahh® Customers and Offshore Race Fans Support Childhelp

by AquaNew on August 20, 2015

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childhelp.fb815Childhelp is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to fight child neglect and abuse. They recently posted this photo collage and the following message on their Facebook: “Now this is cool! REDS Offshore Racing showcased the Childhelp logo on one of their racing boats. Check out the speed on this!”

The Childhelp Founders, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Federson, went on to write, “We love your (AquaNew’s) creative awareness campaign and your (customers) huge hearts for our children! We deeply appreciate Team REDS/Watt-Ahh for compassionately supporting our mission and sharing the Childhelp story with a new audience. You never know whose life you may have saved or whose heart you have engaged for the love of a child.”

Team REDS/Watt-Ahh appreciates ChildHelp and the more than 70,000 offshore powerboat race fans who either live in, or visited us in, Sarasota, FL. during the July 4 holiday. Our Watt-Ahh® customers have donated almost $7,000 to ChildHelp to date. We enjoy letting race fans and our customers know more about Childhelp and their efforts to stop child neglect and abuse. This year, the team won first place in its class!

Thank you, Sara, Yvonne, Christina, Daphne and the rest of the hard-working ChildHelp Team!


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