Bubbles – AHA! Pow-Ahh Immunity Discovery for September of 2021

August 12, 2021. Without bubbles, our immune systems would not work. We are more familiar with vitamin supplements and healthy foods that support our immune system but may also overlook the gas bubbles in the water we drink as part of our health regime? It is also important to breathe these atmospheric bio-health gases including hydrogen and oxygen as well as cellular absorption of nitric oxide through the mechanism of bacteria in our saliva that breakdown food.

Gas Transport by Bubbles

Bubbles involve a delicate network of electrical connections with surrounding liquid. Bubbles transport gas (air) into water. The sound of ocean waves crashing onto the beach comes from popping of bubbles that transfer gases from the atmosphere to the water … think of champagne in a glass and popping bubbles that enhance the aroma.

DiTetra Gas and “Bubble Master” Rob

Rob Gourley of AquaNew is the “Bubble Master” who makes Watt-Ahh Polarized Water. It is somewhat similar to being a brew master for craft beer. Rob is a second generation bubble master in his family … his uncle was a chemist who developed detergents that we still use today. Rob as a kid has fond memories of helping Uncle Jim on his bubble research.

At the bottling plant, Rob carefully measures the subtle changes as he infuses micro-sized bubbles of DiTetra Gas into a large tank of ultra-pure water. He watches for specific readings to know when he has reached the optimum gas absorption to make Watt-Ahh. DiTetra Gas is the active state of water that supercharges the liquid water to carry additional electrons (negative charge). Oxidative stress that can be the early state of numerous diseases, is a positive charge that can compromise our immune systems. Drinking Watt-Ahh aids in balancing the electric charges in the body for a healthier immune system. Additionally, the co-valently bonded oxygen in the molecular structure of Watt-Ahh, when consumed, becomes more readily available to transport oxygen to red blood platelets. We think this mechanism helped in boosting immunity for those exposed to viruses.

This photo is a small demonstration of the DiTetra Gas infusion into ultra-pure water. The gas is being produced by a smaller WIT Machine (1/8 of the cell size of the one that Rob uses at the bottling plant). The water tower shown with the gas bubbling at the bottom, has a LED light for only display purposes, located at the foot of the tower.




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