Solving Problems with Lollipops – AHA! Pow-Ahh Immunity Discovery for October of 2021

August 14, 2021: One of my least fond childhood memories was trying to hide in the plumbing below the sink in the pediatrician examination room. I was trying to get away from the shot before both the doctor and nurse came back in. My anxiety over jabs started early and I even recall the kind doctor’s name over 60 years later. Before Dr. Terrill and his nurse could untangle me from out of the plumbing, I tried to barter with the best I could offer. See the doctor had made a tactical mistake of handing me a lollipop when he told me about the upcoming shot … the lollipop was usually awarded when the examination was over. I recall looking up from the sink plumbing at the doctor and nurse with my outstretched arm to offer back their lollipop in exchange of no shot. Of course, the negotiations did not go well. But a child’s lollipop solution should not be dismissed to only a memory … it is an experience that I will carry for the rest of my life. Can a simple lollipop represent a child’s longing to seek a less painful option? At least for me, it was part of the impetus for this year’s Immunity Series.

When we embarked on this Pow-Ahh Immunity Series last January of 2021, we did not forecast the enormity of the “jab” debate. We had these sensitive questions during the pandemic, back in December of 2020 during the early beginning of a nationwide vaccination program:   Can natural substances boost our immunity for optimum T-cell response to a vaccine and with less potential side effects? Can “natural immunity” without the prescription pad sustain us if there is a delay in getting a vaccine?

Sadly, the “jab” debate over 6 months later has been fierce. Our company’s statement is still in effect of having no policy on vaccinations … it is the individual’s decision for themselves and their family. But it makes us wonder about a possible “lollipop solution” … one of kindness and respect for one another and open to more nature-based possibilities that may complement an individual’s health decisions?

Pow-Ahh Immunity

Our AHA! Discovery series for 2021 is on immunity and ways to naturally super-charge our immunity. We focus on over-the-counter supplements and clean foods that are neither delivered by a prescription pad nor through a needle injection. The optimum natural way for delivery in our opinion is Watt-Ahh Polarized Water. So we named the new series “Pow-Ahh Immunity”.

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