Pow-Ahh Immunity – 2021 AHA! Discovery Series

For the 2021 AHA! Discovery Series, we focus on immunity and ways to naturally super-charge our immunity  … over-the-counter supplements and clean foods that are neither delivered by a prescription pad nor through a needle injection. The optimum natural way for delivery in our opinion is Watt-Ahh Polarized Water. So we named the new series “Pow-Ahh Immunity”.

Below are the article links for each month:

  • January 2021: Optimum T-cell response to vaccines
  • February 2021: Vitamin C and Watt-Ahh
  • March 2021: Our noses are the frontline immunity defense
  • April 2021: Eyes and the Sunshine Vitamin (Vitamin D)
  • May 2021: Blackcurrants and immunity
  • June 2021: Watt-Ahh is the “Tiger Powerhouse” of Water … the Next Evolution in Bottled Water
  • July 2021: Pow-Ahh immunity elixirs
  • August 2021: Anti-immunity corn
  • September 2021: Bubbles support immunity including spotlights on Bio-health Gases including DiTetra Gas and AquaNew’s Bubble Master, Rob Gourley
  • October 2021: The “Lollipop Solution” … AquaNew’s Dana’s childhood story on a simple and kind way to respect those who seek health alternatives
  • November 2021: History of antibody treatments and Lady Mary Wortley Montigu in the 1700’s
  • December 2021: Sustainable Immunity