EMF Resilience with Watt-Ahh

November 16, 2023 – The desire for data speed has led to technology advances that rely on higher and higher levels of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies). The benefits are speedy connectivity of our personal devices to the internet and for communication.

However, EMF or 5G exposure causes electrons with negative charges to move farther and faster toward positive charges inside our brains … and even outside our brains. When we press a cell phone to our ear, this creates an electromobility such that electrons flow from the brain and through the ear canal toward the positive charge of the cell phone. The neurons of the brain require a delicate balance of positive and negative charges to transport thoughts and a bombardment of positive charges due to excessive EMF exposure can cause electronic instability in the brain or what is also known as oxidative stress. The side effects are headaches, chronic fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, insomnia, and heart palpitations just to name a few.

5G vs. Healthy Brain Frequencies

The “natural frequency” of Earth is 7.83 Hertz (Hz) while 5G broadcasting “millimeter waves” (or “microwaves with greater radiation”) have astoundingly “beyond-mega” frequencies between 30 GHz and 300 GHz (one million Hz equals a single GHz or gigahertz). 5G millimeter waves released from a cell tower only have a range of about 1,000 feet and can be disrupted by buildings, light poles, and trees. For reliable 5G service, numerous cell towers and antennas either have been or will be installed everywhere to receive and transmit the 5G frequencies.

Based on an integrative medical conference that Rob and I attended over five years ago, Dr. Norm Shealy MD and his partner, Sergey Sorin MD, presented the range of brain frequencies which are closer to Mother Earth. Delta relates to sleep or meditative rest between 1-3 Hz. While awake and attentive to learning, our brain frequency rises to Beta (13-22 Hz). There seems to be a “sweet spot” for anxiety or High Beta (between 23-30 Hz). Gamma or “in the zone” of creativity and wellbeing is between 31 and 100 Hz. It makes sense that our body frequencies are more compatible with those of Earth and not the beyond-mega frequencies of 5G.

How to Protect against the EMF Bombardment?

How does one fortify against the invisible man-made EMF that can adversely impact our wellbeing? Dr. Wendy Myers ND of Myers Detox offers six powerful ways to increase your EMF resilience. Dr. Wendy’s #2 is entitled “Maximize Oxygen and Hydrogen”. Dr. Wendy states … “I also regularly drink Watt-ahh water for its super hydrating and grounding properties. Watt-ahh is rich in electrons which help your body defend against oxidative stress and inflammation – the type of damage that EMF causes.  It’s also structured in a way that optimizes hydrogen and oxygen delivery, creating an ideal beverage for grounding, hydrating, and protecting against the effects of EMF.”

Not all of us can afford sleeping in bedrooms with either a Faraday cage or special EMF-blocking wall paint. Instead, Dr. Wendy provides some affordable options to regain and protect our own natural “frequency” health closer to that of the lower electromagnetic frequency of Mother Earth. Grounding at least 5 minutes per day is Dr. Wendy’s #4 powerful way to increase EMF resilience. She states … “You can ground your body via the earth, with grounding and PEMF mats and with a revolutionary water called Watt-ahh. This water is filled with electrons that ground the body and give it a negative charge”.

Exciting News — Dr. Wendy’s HEAVY Docuseries is Coming in February of 2024

Dr. Wendy has an impressive list of what she calls “Heavies” who are experts in the field of health recovery from exposure to heavy metals, 5G and environmental chemicals causing obesity, resistant weight loss, diabetes, fatigue, hormone havoc and brain health issues. Her impressive lineup for the upcoming docuseries includes the list of well-known names in the health field. Dr. Wendy told us that Rob talking about the detox nature of Watt-Ahh qualifies as one of her “Heavies” for the docuseries.

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