Healing Requires Energy – 2022 AHA! Discovery Series

For the 2022 AHA! Discovery Series, we focus on energy, profound and universal energy that supports healing in our bodies. Energy should not be used as a perception of stimulation but one that generates work. The optimum natural way to achieve sufficient energy in our opinion is to drink Watt-Ahh Polarized Water. So welcome to our new series “Healing Requires Energy”.

Below are the article links for each month:


  • January 2022: Profound and universal energy
  • February 2022: Core of the heart is a vortex
  • March 2022: Electric potential transfer across the cellular membrane for super hydration
  • April 2022: Clean brain
  • May 2022: Seeking immediate and pain-free answers on our health – WIT Machine at OZA Essential Living in Venice, FL.
  • June 2022: History of humanoid robots, bioelectromagnetics and cardiac pacemakers (in memory of David Schweninger, one of the original Disney Imagineers)
  • July 2022: Energized tears
  • August 2022: Watt-Ahh and Iron Absorption: New University Study
  • September 2022: Cellular vs. physical energy
  • October 2022: Hydrogen fuel for human energy
  • November 2022: Other Critical Life Functions of Hydrogen
  • December 2022: Basic foundation of energy and healing – Profound Electrons

Feel the Energy of the Universe – Drink Watt-Ahh!