The Golden Goblet Awards – Our Best Bottled Water Container Nominations

December 12, 2023 — It is Golden Globe Awards time with all of the nomination announcements leading up to the big gala on January 7, 2024. That inspired us to announce our nominations for the “Golden Goblet” Awards. The Best of the Best container types for our prized Watt-Ahh.

Our Awards certainly do not compete with the razzle-dazzle of Hollywood with great audience anticipation on what the celebrities are going to wear when strolling onto the red carpet. But there is a parallel since our customers express great interest in the container type used when Watt-Ahh goes out into the marketplace.  For Watt-Ahh, we use the beverage industry standard of PET-1 (non-BPA) plastic.

Each Hollywood ensemble has its appeal and maybe some drawbacks where the fashion designer may not have gotten the most flattering body lines or the best sway of the material. Container types also have both their attributes as well as shortcomings. There is no perfect container.

We considered the following container candidates: PET-1 plastic, glass, aluminum (with BPA-plastic liners) and paper or boxed water (with aluminum flavor barrier and plastic exterior film). Here goes our nominees for the Golden Goblet Awards:

Best Electromagnetic Protection of Watt-Ahh: PET-1 plastic bottles

Best Clarity of Presentation: PET-1 plastic bottles with runner up glass

Best Protection of Good Flavor in Product: Sanitized clean glass with runner up PET-1

Long-term Storage: PET-1 plastic bottles

Lowest Container Shipping Weight (lower shipping cost): PET-1 plastic bottles

Best Shipping Durability: PET-1 plastic bottles with runner up boxed

Best Safety from Breakage or Shattering: PET-1 plastic bottles with runner up boxed

Best Safety in Extreme Heat Conditions: Glass

Recyclability: Glass with runner ups PET-1 plastic bottles and aluminum

Best Overall Winner is No Container … Watt-Ahh made in your home on demand (currently such under-the-sink devices are not going to be available in the near future). But without containers is like taking fashion out of Hollywood, we would no longer have the Golden Goblet Awards! But back to reality as well as convenience and cleanliness, PET-1 plastic bottles is the best bottled water container. Please do not get confused when you flip over a bottle; make sure to look for the triangle with a “1” inside to confirm PET-1 plastic. Other numbers that appear on the  bottom on a Watt-Ahh bottle do not relate to any other type of plastic and instead typically relate to the number of the blow mold that originally formed the bottle.