Evening Elixir

One of the all-time favorite blogs is the recipe for our morning elixir. Our newest health resolution for 2018 is to toast with an evening elixir before we go to sleep.

A customer, George K. who is a biochemist, recently opened our eyes to the benefits of magnesium …. also known as “The Healing Mineral”. George said cravings for sugar may signal the body is low in magnesium. Other symptoms include headaches, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and problems with memory recall.

We typically think of magnesium aiding in bowel movement …. but George explained magnesium also has an active role in transport of calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes required for nerve impulses, muscle contractions and normal heart rhythm.

Magnesium absorption into the body is a challenge. Magnesium oxide, sold in grocery stores, may only have a 4% absorption rate. George told us about the availability of a nano form of magnesium. Another customer, Pat B., told us about a topical oil form. You may read more about the various forms of magnesium available on the market at this link.

Rob and I thought we should drink our loving toast in the evening. We add Watt-Ahh® to the magnesium citrate and oxide forms for better absorption. We also add a dash of Restore, a prebiotic, and a turmeric powder mix with pepper and fruit flavors. It does seem to jump start us for a good morning. Cheers!

Wishing Everyone a Healthy and Happy 2018.  Dana and Rob