No Sugar Coating

Watt-Ahh® is no candified beverage. The purity of  Watt-Ahh® is the best mixer for other beverages including elixirs, cocktails and sports performance powders. It makes sense … other beverages are over 80% water and in our opinion it is of course the pure polarized water that transfers the best flavor bouquet to our taste buds.

But there is no sugar coating for the business behind Watt-Ahh®. It is demanding on many levels but at the core is a profound motivation and love for both the product and its customers. We accept the daily challenge of balancing supplies and cash flow while trying to improve upon distribution channels for an obviously heavy product. It takes many individuals to heft Watt-Ahh® for our customers. Our drivers, Steve B. and Steve L., are our best heavy-weight lifters and they consistently have smiles for our customers.

Other “behind-the-scenes” vendors include those at the bottling plant (Nicky T., Brandy B., Rita C., Dominick T., Larry C., Dustin T., Troy, Joe and many other assembly-line workers), labels (Keith S., Kimberly B., and Gary F.), shipping boxes (Jonny J.), daily UPS pickup (Greg and Clinton) and other truck drivers (Andrew M. and Joe M.). We also compliment the design work of John and Susan B. and salute Danielle P., who after working the social side of AquaNew for over five years, has decided to focus on writing her next book in 2018.

Good News Business

The good business news is our customers are telling others about the benefits of the Polarized Water. Sales increased double digit for this year when compared to that of 2016. Over 25 truckloads (53’ trailers) of  Watt-Ahh® bottle pallets were produced in 2017.

We try on a daily basis to put into action AquaNew’s Mission:

AquaNew celebrates well-rounded lifestyles, athletic prowess, scientific discovery, and we support those in recovery. We respect the legacy of nature-based solutions and bravely seek with others the new horizon for sustainable health. We offer ultra-pure Polarized Water to those with busy lives who are discerning about their health, willing to share their own incredible life journey, and have optimism for the future. This inclusive, common-ground approach is simply stated – “Be the Ahh!”

Although the business has its challenges, disappointments and frustrations, I still tell others that it is the best job on Earth. Rob and I meet individuals on a daily basis who are willing to share their path to sustainable health. I confess I have become a “miracle junkie” and look forward to hearing the next story of human persistence in finding and achieving better health. Some have dire medical conditions but each one is our brave hero. They share their stories with others and some even give us permission to post their entire names.

Currently, there are almost ten WIT Machines that operate in different locations within the United States. We decided to share for the first time some of the testimonials of those who breathe the Dioxytetrahydride Gas. BTW, the WIT Machines has its own team of vendors including our exclusive manufacturer, RK Water of Denver, CO. (Rick K., Jon K., Jeff G., Rob L., Edin, Lisa H., Anastazia R., Tracey P. and additional assemblers, engineers, designers and marketers) as well as local companies such as Silliman Fluid Power (Chip and Matt S.) and RF Carlson Co. (Pam W.). We acknowledge the skillful work of our patent attorney (Bob M. and his office staff) and on-going product research and development using the Technology (Walt L. and John P.).

This year, AquaNew made the 10-year milestone.   Last New Year’s Day, we could not have fully anticipated the successes and still cannot for 2018 … we remain optimistic, however, that 2018 will exceed our expectations. Our focus this coming year is to continue building on business-to-business/human-to-human relationships so the range of the applications for the Technology (Polarized Water and WIT Machines) can incrementally grow.

Rob and I appreciate the unwavering support of both our customers and family members. We wish everyone a healthy, energetic 2018 and many surprising successes! – Dana and Rob Gourley