Future of Green Energy: Batteries vs. Hydrogen Fuel Cells – AHA! Climate Discovery for September of 2023

August 25, 2023 – Rob Gourley recommended in a recent podcast that the successful conversion from the dependence of fossil fuels to more green energy must involve working on many fronts over the next decades. Although he is in agreement with Elon Musk that the federal “turbofunding” of renewable energy seems to be excessive and in many cases, wasteful in supporting unproven technology efforts, Rob departs from Elon’s opinion that batteries deserve more federal funding  than hydrogen. Rob discusses in the podcast the environmental toxicity challenges of batteries and why batteries will not meet the World’s energy demands.  However, hydrogen has its challenges too and Rob has a viable renewable solution to double the energy horsepower from fuel cells using DiTetra Gas.

In October of 2023, WIT International (Rob and me) will have a booth at the Hydrogen North America 2023 conference to be held in Houston, TX. Our exhibit banner is shown above that identifies the benefits of DiTetra Gas in producing “Super Green Hydrogen”.

The link for the full podcast is here and the index timing of the various energy-related topics discussed by Rob follows:

(Minute 0:04:00) Discovery of DiTetra Gas and Watt-Ahh – Testing the permanent change to the structure of Watt-Ahh

(Minute 0:07:30) Importance of active oxygen

(Minute 0:08:15) DiTetra Gas with electrons form stable crystalline structure or the Fifth State of Water

(Minute 0:13:00) Improved hydrogen fuel cell performance using DiTetra Gas

(Minute 0:17:30) Running engines with water

(Minute 0:18:30) Rob Gourley’s infusion of DiTetra Gas into variety of fuels; a clean engine burn from super-heated steam, more complete combustion, greater horsepower and reduction in exhaust temps.

(Minute 0:21:00) Rob Gourley’s treatment of aviation fuel with DiTetra Gas

(Minute 0:21:45) Rob Gourley’s concern over cracking fossil fuel to harvest hydrogen and effects on critical oxygen in our air

(Minute 0:23:00) DiTetra Gas treatment allows for efficient burn of fuel with less excessive heat

(Minute 0:29:30) Jet fuel treated with DiTetra Gas has no/less kerosene odor

(Minute 0:31:00) More discussion on fuels including gasoline, kerosene and diesel; partially combusted aviation fuel is a heat dump into the atmosphere

(Minute 0:32:00) Production of hydrogen from DiTetra Gas is low cost and works with nature; Rob compares other hydrogen processes taking a sledge hammer vs. nudging the molecular structure to make hydrogen from DiTetra Gas

(Minute 0:39:00) Rob Gourley’s discussion of the WIT Machines that produce DiTetra Gas with a field-proven and bulletproof record

(Minute 0:42:00) David Helms states the WIT Technology is in a “League of its Own” and asks Rob Gourley how to expand his Technology in the market

(Minute 1:13:00) Upcoming Hydrogen Conference in Houston, TX, October 11 and 12, 2023

(Minute 1:14:00 and 1:19:00) Smart and timely conversion of dependence on fossil fuels to other alternative forms of energy; Rob Gourley discusses the pros and cons of other types of fuel and storage batteries

(Minute 1:16:00 and 1:21:00) Harmful effects of other energy and telecommunication technologies

(Minute 1:17:30) Rob Gourley confirms that producing hydrogen is the same WIT Technology using a molecular sieve to separate the active hydrogen from the oxygen in DiTetra Gas

(Minute 1:23:30) Oil industry looking for cleaner processes to extend their reservoirs of energy/fuel

(Minute 1:24:00) Rob Gourley expresses his personal concerns about green technology and funding

(Minute 1:25:00) Rob Gourley’s current research project is treating aviation fuel with DiTetra Gas and he discusses the financial hurdles and accurate testing

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