Handcrafted Neck Rings From Artists Ann and John Cassidy

IMG_8184Lisa Seaboyer, CEO of Great Finds 4 You, told us, “The natural beauty of the neck rings created by Ann and John Cassidy is a great match for AquaNew’s Naturally Looking Good summertime campaign.” Seaboyer sells the beautiful neck rings on Coquina Beach, Florida (Gulf of Mexico side, south of Tampa), and in upscale gift stores and exhibitions. The Florida-theme edition of sea turtles, mermaids and seahorses are some of their customers’ favorites when they are looking for a special treasure from their Florida vacation. Seaboyer said they will give the jewelry as gifts to their friends and family at home and even treat themselves when they see that one of their creations will perfectly complete their own ensemble … either for a beach coverup or with their resort casual wear when going out for dinner during a tropical evening.IMG_8182

Artisan Ann Cassidy has had an unrelenting passion about capturing the beauty, design, colors and textures of nature throughout her art career. Her husband, John (a retired policeman), also beads these custom-made creations. Their beloved cat, Missy, has no responsibility in the Cassidy art business except to add more laughter in their household.

If you are interested in learning more about these beautiful neck rings, please contact Lisa Seaboyer of Great Finds 4 You, email: gf4u@comcast.net.

*Top Left Photo: Ann and John Cassidy

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