How to Live a Longer and Healthier Life: Futuristic Creative Ann Cassidy – AHA! Long-Jet Discovery for June of 2019

Our mother, Ann Cassidy, is a Futuristic Creative. She lived trends before they were popular and her creativity continues to escalate even when she starts her 9th decade in July. My siblings, Lisa and Keith, helped with a list of futuristic trends below.

Back in the early 1970’s, Ann became a single mother raising three teenagers when our father suddenly passed. Ann’s deep religious and loving foundation with her God-given gift of creativity kept both our family and home together. Her fortitude and business acumen for selling her art inspired each of her children to launch their own successful careers and lives. Ann’s passion to create beautiful wearable art for others still is viable today and is one of her secrets for a long, happy life. She also will give some longevity credit for the water that my husband makes.

Ann has been married to Papa John for over 35 years. He helps her with daily trips to craft supply stores and making neckring jewelry that Daughter Lisa sells for them.

Futuristic Trends

In honor of Ann’s energetic spirit for a full and long life, we have dedicated this year’s longevity series to her. Ann is never satisfied to follow current popular trends. We think instead that she is more like a futuristic pop star, finding her own trends before cultural popularity. Here are some of the examples:

  • Mickey Mouse: Mom says she is the same age as Mickey plus she was a fan of Mickey before he became a Mega Star.
  • First Selfies: Mom consistently had her camera clicking when we arrived at the door.
  • Tattoos: Mom painted delicate flowers on panty hoses before Lisa and I went to parties.
  • Bad Words: Ann is a Southern lady but she is verbally expressive with a touch of feistiness if provoked. She has been known to say “Piffle” in public.
  • Love of Nature: Mom painted stunningly beautiful animals on cut gem stones which were admired by many of her art-loving customers through the years.
  • Bling: Currently, both Ann and John work together on beautiful jewelry (neckrings and bracelets). Ann wears multiple bracelets on one arm and rings on each finger. She and Papa John are ushers and her elaborate Easter Hats with bunny ears are well-known by the church congregation.
  • Fashionable: Never see Ann out in public unless she has on beautiful, unique and creative outfits and jewelry.   John is also a sharp dresser. Both are show stoppers anywhere they go.
  • More Pets: We grew up with a household of pets, some not pre-approved by our father but he eventually came around to loving them too. Mom and Papa John currently spoil Missy, a rescued Tuxedo cat.
  • Clean Food: Mom’s doctors laughed at her in the 1960’s when she told them that she is experiencing adverse health effects from the preservatives in manufactured foods. She and Papa John eat clean with healthy smoothies in the morning, and ending the day with a bowl of fruit. Their favorite treat is a small-sized Blizzard at Dairy Queen.
  • Imaginary Play: Mom encouraged us to use our own imaginations and story-telling for playing. She created amazing children’s birthday parties such as a dinosaur-themed, multiple kiddy-pools party for my brother’s 10th birthday.
  • High Energy: Ann does not need any sports performance drinks. Her hands constantly move to make creative items even doing tiny bead work while traveling in a car.
  • Daily Exercise to Keep Mind, Body and Spirit Happy and Healthy: She thinks that everyone should do a craft every day.
  • Native American Appreciation: Although Mom’s DNA comes mainly from the British Isles, her spirit is Native American. Her quality of her bead work impresses even the PowWow merchants.
  • Universal Appreciation and Caring of Others: On their daily tours of Walmart, Jo Ann’s and Dairy Queen, they make friends. Both Ann and John are on first name basis with the store clerks.
  • High Tech: Mom adapted to the computer age and does both digital puzzles and texts. Also, she loves to show to others, the photo albums on her smart phone.
  • Power Prayer Healing: Ann and Papa John participate in a faith-based healing group. Each morning, Mom read out loud to her children while we waited for the school bus, the entire Bible (Old and New Testaments), from cover-to-cover.

We, Ann’s children and grandchildren, are privileged to have her in our family and lives … both a trend-setting creative and loving person who has a great sense of humor and grace. Ann is a loving mother, wife and friend!

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