International Webstores for Watt-Ahh

Currently, AquaNew only ships Watt-Ahh to addresses within the continental USA. International shipping is tricky. We have had persistently focused customers who hire exporters to ship pallets of Watt-Ahh to their home countries including Canada, U.K., China and Sweden. We routinely provide these shipping recommendations to customers who want to ship Watt-Ahh internationally (outside the continental USA).



New Announcement: EU Webstores

Watt-Ahh is now available to be ordered online in the EU (plus shipped globally) by Amrita Nutrition!
David Brassey, Founder of of Amrita Nutrition located in the UK, took a big business chance one his first order involving a high-volume of Watt-Ahh® for his customers. He paid international shipping for over 2,100 bottles of Watt-Ahh from FL. USA to the UK (almost 2 tons in weight). Amrita Nutrition’s shopping cart (webstore links below) sells by individual bottle (both sizes of one-liter @ $9.74US and 16.9 oz./1/2-liter @ $5.00US) PLUS they will ship globally.
One woman from Denmark recently commented on Facebook that the total for one case of Watt-Ahh® 12-one liter bottles @ $116.43US has a shipping cost of $78.50US (from Amrita Nutrition UK to Denmark) … or with shipping cost included, $16.25US per liter bottle. As a comparison, 12-one liter bottles with shipping within the continental USA come to $54.49US/case or $4.30US/bottle when a USA customers orders on Amazon.
We are grateful to David and Amrita Nutrition for his global distribution of health-related products. Individuals ask us almost everyday on how Watt-Ahh® can be purchased internationally. Here is an option. Yes, the price points may qualify as sticker shock but are likely justified due to storage, handling, and shipping cost of a heavy weight product (water).
Links to Amrita Nutrition’s shopping cart:
For one-liter sized bottle: click here
For 16.9 oz. sized bottle: click here