Search for The Fountain of Youth – Almost AHA! Long-Jet Discovery for November of 2019

In traversing across what is now Florida, Spanish Explorer Juan Ponce de Leon had heard stories from native people about a warm mineral spring within what is now the City of North Port located in Sarasota County (our home town), near the southwestern coast of Florida. Ponce de Leon visited other springs in Florida but legend has it that he met his demise and never saw what is today’s Warm Mineral Springs.

Warm Mineral Springs is reported to be one of the first health spas for tourists in the United States, particularly popular with those who travel from Europe. The naturally-warm water is a mixture of geothermal spring water and aquifer water. Explorer Curt Bowen dives down to the multiple geothermal vents caught on video … a deep dive involving a 2-hour round trip back to the surface.

The draw for visitors is the high “exfoliating” mineral content of the surface water along with exposure of sulfur gases. Visitors may smell like an old tire after swimming in the lake but their skin will be slicky smooth. Maybe the latter is the reason why the mineralized water is thought to be a youthful concoction?

Look Up, Ponce!

We like to say Ponce de Leon should have looked up from the ground to discover rainfall from Florida thunderstorms. The rain traveling through an electrical field, is enriched with electrons and falls onto the ground to allow plant roots to uptake nutrients in the soil for greater growth. Falling rain is nature’s Fountain of Youth that replenishes and renourishes the Earth. Watt-Ahh is also made through a polarizing process and that is why we call it a Earth’s Thunderstorm in a Bottle … the best youthful concoction that we can make.

Try Watt-Ahh and Discover Your Own Fountain of Youth!

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