News from Captain Victoria’s Dolphin Central Newsletter

dolphinsCaptain Victoria of Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters (Key West) recently fulfilled her promise to come see us in Sarasota, FL. She and her husband, along with a large fishing boat in tow, made it down our long driveway, dodging overhanging trees during the nighttime. They decided to give each other Watt-Ahh® for Christmas.

We celebrated seeing each other again and rekindled the memories of one of the best days in 2016 when Captain Victoria took us and our family out on a nature charter. Captain Victoria told us that it was a magical day for her too … extremely calm waters matching the color of the gorgeous blue horizon. Plus, a special sighting of a dolphin visitor intrigued us by chasing a fish near the stern of her idled boat (see video).

Of course, we enjoyed talking about natural energy together. While traveling back to their Key West home, Captain Victoria wrote a great article about Watt-Ahh® in her Dolphin Central Newsletter. She said, “The dolphin came and gave a spectacular blessing on these folks and their gift to the planet.”

Thank you, Captain Victoria, for your kindness … you are a true regal spirit of Nature!