June Milestones for WIT Technology

By Rob Gourley, CEO and Inventor
For someone who preferred to work on machines instead of book reports in school, June of 2017 was an unusual time for me. With assistance from WIT’s patent attorney, Robert McKellar, we prepared two continuation-in-part applications and filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Prior to filing, we prepared a white paper that is a composite of test results on the Dioxytetrahydride Gas (a.k.a., SG Gas) – an infusion of the gas into water (our recipe for Watt-Ahh® Polarized Water). The newest set of test results come from Dr. Walter Leise of Sarasota Medical Products, Inc. on the stability chlorine dioxide in Polarized Water. This revelation confirms the potential for even more applications, including more efficient and economical maintenance of cooling towers and swimming pools.

Finally, my article, entitled The Potential of Electron Energy appeared in the June edition of Beverage Industry magazine. The article highlights how electrons can meet energy challenges in water purification and provide more sustainable health.

Every day is a new adventure on this energy path. Dana and I appreciate the support from so many that have contributed to paving this path of better understanding on this discovery and its great beneficial potential.