AquaNew/Watt-Ahh® – 10th Anniversary (And other announcements on new liter-sized bottles and pricing)

Yes, the last ten years tested our mental, physical and financial capacities. The main reason we kept going, even during the bleakest days that we all shared during the Great Recession, was hearing about how individuals used the Polarized Water to reach a level of improved health.

Looking back when we launched Watt-Ahh® in 2007, our timeline for financial success, disappointingly, did not come to fruition. The 10th Year is showing great promise in growth for AquaNew, and our greatest lessons over the last ten years, are patience, perseverance, resourcefulness and understanding, in the end, that the Polarized Water indeed has its own timeline.

We have an exciting announcement that we will be introducing to the market over the next several weeks: sleeker, slimmer and taller one-liter sized bottles (called in the bottling business, smooth-sided bullet-shaped bottles similar to our 16.9 oz. bottles but nearly 11 inches high or about 3 inches taller than the 16.9 oz. bottles). This month, the bottling plant, sometimes relying on Rob Gourley’s ingenuity during the installation, made its initial run on a new bottling line that will blow the new liter bottles on-site. These new liter bottles will have transparent flexo labels similar to the labels on the 16.9 oz. bottles. The flexo labels are more expensive when compared to that of the paper labels we ran on the former “plumper” liter bottles.

The liter-sized bottles with the paper labels hit the market in August of 2013, and the price structure has remained stable since that time. We set a more economical price for a case of 12-one liter bottles compared to that of a case of 24-16.9 oz. bottles. We are maintaining an economic difference between the two sizes by adding $3 to the liter cases, still giving a savings of $9 when compared to that of the 16.9 oz. cases at retail (same volume of approximately 3.2

The price for the 16.9 oz. cases ($40 retail) remains the same. The new pricing schedule as of July 1, 2017 can be found here.

Any price increase always involves a serious corporate decision, and this one is no exception. The future for AquaNew to remain in business and continue to grow, we think, is by continuing to offer an exceptional quality product with credible science that prove the Polarized Water is a key to sustainable health and wellbeing.



UPDATE: We received this nice note from LaJuana at Premier Video. Thank you for the kind words! 
“Hey you two! Congratulations on your journey. Thank you for letting us be a part of it too. I remember the first trip I made to the bottling plant where we videotaped Rob’s ‘day in the life’.  I was amazed at the procedure of bottling water and, of course, Rob. I am so proud to know that we have been a part of your success. I’m looking forward to the day they start using Watt-Ahh all over the world.  I am very proud of your accomplishments and love the watt-ahh. Carry on, my friends.”  ~LaJuana P., Premier Video Productions, Inc.