Marketing “Bad-to-the-Bone” Beverages

by AquaNew on June 20, 2018

in Beverage Industry, Marketing

Marketing campaigns for beverages can go to the extreme in competing for the customer’s (your) attention. Through the years, we have good-naturedly teased about some of the “super human/monster” beverage brand names. In 2016, we did a 180-degree turn when we blogged about 5-Hour Energy  such that our teasing became the inspiration for the slogan that still appears on the Watt-Ahh 16.9 oz. bottles today … “Natural Energy for Smart Brains”.

We are not saying that some “macho” in a beverage brand name is all bad. After all, we sport a lightning bolt on Watt-Ahh’s label to represent natural energy from donor electrons embedded in the pure water.

But a lightning bolt seems to pale in comparison with some of the in-your-face brand names that are currently winning awards from the beverage judges (as well as skyrocket customer sales). One example is a coffee product called “Death Wish Coffee”.

Last year, a spring water product came on the market that is called “Liquid Death”. It has the marketing slant that water can kill such as a surfer being buried by a huge crushing wave or someone being water boarded. The campaign says this product is a departure from the regular “yoga” or “sissy” bottled water.

With some reservation, we share this ruthless, dark comedy, bad-to-the-bone marketing video.  We have to admit it is eye-catching advertising and the video does tickle the dark side of our funny bone. Will we personally buy either a beverage or food product with “death” or “destruction” on the label? … no. Instead, we will continue to choose “liquid life”.

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