Non-Profit “Watts of Love” Global Illumination Project: AHH-mazing AHA! Discovery for September 2016

wattsoflove-916Watts of Love (WOL), located in Suburban Chicago, receives donations to cover the cost of delivering and training on the use of portable home solar lighting devices within areas of no electric power. The mission of WOL is similar to our own WIT Technology, the benevolent vision of assisting in unlocking the cycle of prosperity for women worldwide.

Women often maintain the household budgets that are allocated to give nutrition, shelter and education for their children. A family’s livelihood and prosperity are severely damaged over the tragedy of losing a child. You might recall about a year ago a three-part series presented in our eNewsletter that showcased the use of the WIT Technology in reducing infant and child mortality caused by pneumonia: Part 1. (Scroll to bottom of the article for Part 2 of the series.)

Watts of Love: Improving Health and Increasing Opportunity through Solar Technology

Some of the similarities of WOL Mission to ours follow:

  • Eliminate the use of toxic and costly kerosene used for lighting inside households so that fossil-fuel emissions no longer cause chronic respiratory illness. (The WIT Technology also offers a non-carbon based form of energy.)
  • Allow children to complete their homework and mothers to work on cottage-industry products sold for their family’s livelihood without the threat of devastating burns from lit kerosene lamps. (The WIT Technology may aid in healthier children so their mothers can focus on making income for their families.)
  • Empower those in need by building a better future through safe, renewable and life-changing solar lighting devices. (The WIT Technology offers machines for making SG Gas, which is renewable from water. The Gas also can be generated by using solar power, be stored in tanks and available for use upon demand.)

In response to AquaNew’s feature of Watts of Love, we received this letter that we wanted to share with you:

Open Letter from Watts of Love

Dear AquaNew,

Thank you for spreading the word about our mission in illuminating lives worldwide.

wolWatts of Love, a small nonprofit organization located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois,  is working to bring sustainable lighting to families in developing countries.  Our mission is to alleviate poverty by improving health, increasing study time, and eliminating the expense of candles or kerosene. Watts of Love works to provide one woman in each village household with a lamp. With the help of volunteers, they encourage the women to set goals for their kerosene savings, gradually improving their economic situation through investment in livestock and small animal husbandry.

Without kerosene or candles, the risk of massive burns amongst women and children diminishes.  Incidence of upper respiratory illness also significantly decreases in the absence of partially combusted fuel, allowing healthy children to study longer and mothers to be more productive after nightfall.

To read more about our organization, visit


Sarah Sommerkamp, Administrative Assistant

We enjoy showcasing other inventions that make lives more sustainable, such as the Hippo Water Roller that was our Ahh-mazing AHA! Discovery last July. Watts of Love, which celebrates the benefits of “watts and amps” like we do, is one of our favorites too.

For the month of September 2016, in the name of our customers, $100 was donated to WOL from the purchase proceeds of Watt-Ahh®.

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