Organic Overhaul for Home Delivery

Amazon knows the growing trend in “health convenience” which motivated the company to recently acquire Whole Foods. Our Real Juice/Simply Organix friends, Sue and Katherine of Englewood, Florida, headed in that same direction too by recently launching their new home meal delivery or pickup service by pre-order. Their online menu offers made in-house cleanses, elixirs (including their prebiotic kefir), juices, frozen wheatgrass shots, smoothies, salads, wraps and healthy treats … all 100% organic, whole food, plant-based vegan with no process powders. Do you know the secret ingredient in their kefir? Well, Watt-Ahh® naturally…

Also on their delivery menu, customers can order refreshing Watt-Ahh® to drink with their healthy meals.

In addition to their home and office deliveries, Sue told us that they will be exhibiting at several farmers markets within the Southwestern Florida area, including Downtown Venice, each week. Sue said they intend to have some cases of Watt-Ahh® available at these markets, and – of course – their kefir drinks (regular, ginger and tumeric-infused, and turmeric-infused).