PeeBop – AHA! Detoxify Discovery for January 2024

January 16, 2024 — Ponder This … as we kick off our new monthly series for 2024, we are “bebopping” or should we say “peebopping” over the start of detoxification and instead starting with the end of detoxification. Sometimes it is more important heath-wise of what goes out of the body over what goes in.

For this year, we of course will talk on occasion about the detox nature of Watt-Ahh with its fast cellular absorption. But our bodies will convert the consumed Watt-Ahh, with uplifted metabolic salts, heavy metals, oxalates, pathogens and other toxins from our cells, into urine. Elimination from our bodies is the end stage of detoxing.

Some customers experience more frequent visits to the bathroom when they start drinking Watt-Ahh. This is actually good since the active water is trading out the water in our cells. New customers will report to us a multi-colored oily sheen on the water surface in the toilet bowl. This is proof that Watt-Ahh has crossed the cellular membranes to push out toxins and hydrate the cells. When the ambient temperate is moderate, our bodies eliminate one to two liters of urine … and more in extreme cold weather (see below).

Yellow-tinted Pee is the Best Indicator for Hydration and Detoxification

Human urine is composed primarily of water (95%). The rest is urea, creatinine, uric acid, and metabolic waste with a variety of salts including chloride, sodium, potassium, sulfate, ammonium, and phosphate. Additionally, arsenic, chromium, cobalt, lead, nickel, mercury and glyphosate have been measured in urine samples.

It is a myth that a clear urine stream (without either color or an oily sheen) indicates full hydration. Instead, clear urine is a signal that regular water was not fully absorbed into the cells to exchange with and cleanse cellular water. The consumed water passed from the gut into the bloodstream and out the kidneys and bladder without ever getting inside the cells and removing waste and toxins. A yellow tint in the urine with a good volume indicate a healthy removal of water from the bloodstream by the gut and its capillaries to deliver to the cells.

What is Cold Weather-related Diuresis?

Cold weather exposure naturally causes our blood vessels to constrict with a higher volume of blood going thru the kidneys to filter out the urine. This causes more frequent urges to take a leak or this phenomenon is called “Cold Diuresis”. One may be tempted to lessen the number of daily bathroom trips by reducing liquid consumption in cold weather but that can cause cellular dehydration and toxin accumulation within the cells. Consequently, drinking Watt-Ahh for fast cellular absorption and toxin removal becomes even more important in extreme temperatures, both cold and hot, when bodily fluid loss is at its highest rate.

Techniques to Fully Empty Your Bladder

After decades of daily practice, I thought I knew how to pee. After watching a few online instructional videos, there are definitely various body positioning (and even movement techniques after releasing the initial pee stream) to fully empty the bladder. Sitting on the toilet seat with both feet on the floor and legs apart (not the time to sit lady-like with knees touching) and the back straight and leaning slightly forward and before peeing, relax or distend the stomach (also not a time to pull in the stomach), the urine stream released from the bladder will flow more directly into the toilet bowl. Crouching over the toilet seat or standing to urinate may not fully empty the bladder since the muscles are not relaxed. Men may find sitting on the toilet is the best technique to empty their bladder too and could reduce the number of bathroom trips. For more information on these techniques, search the topic online of “how to empty my bladder” for the instructional videos and you may be like me to learn how to improve on peebopping!

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Exciting News — Dr. Wendy’s HEAVY Docuseries is Coming in February of 2024

Dr. Wendy has an impressive list of what she calls “Heavies” who are experts in the field of health recovery from exposure to heavy metals, 5G and environmental chemicals causing obesity, resistant weight loss, diabetes, fatigue, hormone havoc and brain health issues. Her impressive lineup for the upcoming docuseries includes the list of well-known names in the health field. Dr. Wendy told us that Rob talking about the detox nature of Watt-Ahh qualifies as one of her “Heavies” for the docuseries.

For more information, go to this link.

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