Picking on Corn – AHA! Anti-Immunity Discovery for August of 2021

The Pow-Ahh Immunity Series this year so far have focused on healthy ways to build and sustain good immunity. We are turning the table so to speak on this chapter. One the mainstay ingredients in most Americans’ diets is corn. Many processed products are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup that actually can lead to dehydration. Corn crops have been genetically modified (GMO) and sprayed with pesticides, including corn in feed lots for animals slaughtered for meat.

Corn may be part of a plant-based diet but be aware.  I found out the painful way that popcorn can be hard to digest. I was “googling” the topic on why my belly hurt after I polished off my bowl of popcorn and then reached for Rob’s bowl to finish his remaining popcorn too.

Approximately 60% of our daily energy is allocated to the digestion of food including the production of saliva, enzymes and digestive juices. The energy balance is used by our brains and muscle movement such that all of the daily mitochondria energy is allocated leaving nominal energy (or none) for healing.

The energy allocation can become imbalanced when we eat either nutrient-poor foods or foods that may require more metabolism energy to digest such as two bowls of popcorn. Indigestion may also cause an energy deficit since more energy is being expended for digestion, and one of the possible symptoms is that we feel fatigue. Without energy, full healing can be delayed.

The 100% natural energy in Watt-Ahh Polarized Water can support the production of more mitochondrial energy for faster healing. A mom recently wrote the testimonial below on how Watt-Ahh likely helped with her son’s energy deficit. It is compelling. We can not presume what is causing the young boy’s fatigue issues such as toxin driven or from poor digestion. However, we agree with his parents that it is likely caused by a mitochondrial energy deficit.

“We heard about Watt-Ahh Polarized Water after years and years of treatment for my son with an autoimmune disorder and bacteria-related inflammation. And 8 years of being on anywhere from 1 to 3 antibiotics. We had made much progress over the years, but were still dealing with antibiotics to keep him at baseline and overnight incontinence issues. We had reached the point in treatment of – why not give (fill in the blank) a try.”

The mom continued … “I can’t tell you how it makes a mom and dad feel when their 14 yo son can finally sleep dry through the night. It is directly attributable to the Polarized Water. When he drinks regularly – he is dry. If not, he has accidents. We had suspected his issues were related to cellular energy. His body was working so hard because of his health issues it just didn’t have the energy left at night to send the signals to his brain to wake him up. We couldn’t even wake him up at night to empty his bladder, but he no longer sleeps like a catatonic zombie, either.”

Signed a Mom and an Amazon customer, dated July 11, 2021

The mother’s entire testimonial can be found here, first Health testimonial, dated July 11, 2021.

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