Research in Eye Sight Rejuvenation Using WIT Technology

July of 2021: Over five years ago, Rob and I traveled to the Greater Miami, Florida Area to meet Dr. Walter Campbell at his clinic. My first impression of “Dr. Buck” (his preferred name) was from an enthusiastic bear hug and how much he reminded me of Christopher Lloyd, the energetic genius scientist in the Back-to-the-Future movies. His enthusiasm was fueled by the stunning results of one of his long-term patients who mainly saw white due to an advanced condition called retinitis pigmentosa (RP). Dr. Buck had added drops of the Polarized Water (Watt-Ahh) along with his homeopathic eye drops and she had some immediate vision restoration. Dr. Buck subsequently called Rob with a booming voice that I could hear from the other side of the room, and he was telling Rob about this “Significant Discovery”. The main ingredient for his current eye drop formula used in treating other patients is the Polarized Water.

The eye rejuvenation story for Dr. Buck’s RP patient can be found here.

Since that “aha” phone call, Rob and Dr. Buck have worked together in maximizing the eye health benefits for his patients including developing a goggles accessory used to transfer DiTetra Gas across the patient’s corneas. Dr. Buck has operated a 10-cell WIT Machine in his clinic for several years now.

White Paper on Eye Rejuvenation with WIT Technology

Dr. Buck is an enthusiastic and diligent researcher. He has treated many patients with a variety of ailments using both the WIT Machine and Polarized Water. His main “focus” (Dr. Buck also likes puns) is on eye rejuvenation. Last April, he prepared a white paper on his theories on how the WIT Technology is facilitating vision recovery in his patients. Some have confessed to him not being able to read highway signs and after the first treatment with the WIT Machine, their sight improved to allow them to drive home at dusk. His white paper can be found here:, click on third box on the right side and open the pdf report, dated April 9, 2021.

Some of Dr. Buck’s theories and interesting observations include:

DiTetra Gas acts like an antioxidant to neutralize toxins that have accumulated in the aqueous humor, vitreous humor and interstitial fluids of the retina.

The negative charge of the DiTetra Gas in the Polarized Water (eye drops) aids in the diffusion and transport of nourishment in the eye.

The rays in the eye seem to respond first to the DiTetra Gas in correcting the night vision.

Buck’s protocol consists of the patient’s eyes exposed to the DiTetra Gas, application of homeopathic eye drops made with the Polarized Water, eye exercises, and nutraceuticals that nourish the eye including those that detoxify the liver. He writes in his report that in his clinical experience, detoxifying the liver will significantly improve the vision. Dr. Buck further states about his protocol … “This system represents the most benign treatment to directly nourish the eye and help it repair itself without chemical or surgical intervention.”

Buck’s protocol tones down the image signals in the rods so they are not overexposed to light. Without the buffering, the sensitivity of the rays to light is overwhelmed and the patient will see only white. Nourishing certain cells in the eye will create the buffering effect to calm down the rod signals to the brain, allowing the signals from the cones to come into dominance. Controlling the light received by the rods, enhances the ability to see more detail, more color and clearer shapes.

Additionally, Dr. Buck’s protocol is to have RP patients watch videos of color movement (or colored cards). He states in the report … “Recent discoveries have shown that certain ganglia cells appear to have photoreceptors that only respond to motion, and seem to enhance the function of the rod or cone they are connected with.” Dr. Buck describes in his report how his RP patients coming out of blindness can only see grey, black and white shadows of images. It is great excitement when a patient suddenly sees a moving red color.

With cellular nourishment using the WIT Technology in combination with diffusion of nutraceuticals, the rays are buffered and night vision appears to return first. On the other hand, the cones suppressed by the white visual field caused by overstimulation of the rays, are slower in recovery for both the central and color vision.

Information on Dr. Buck’s Clinic and Appointments for the WIT Machine

Contact information for Dr. Buck’s clinic is below:

Dr. Walter “Buck” Campbell

4300 N. University Dr., Ste. D100

Lauderhill, FL.  33351


You are also invited to view a 2018 video of Dr. Buck at an expo, talking with a woman who is wearing the goggles used to transport DiTetra Gas to her eyes. Just click onto the photo below.