Second Opinion is Part of Our Medical Freedom

April 12, 2022: On January 23, 2022, Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson hosted a “Second Opinion” panel discussion on COVID with world-renown doctors and medical experts. The video link can be found here. Senator Johnson stated … “I’m hoping everybody that viewed this today recognizes the qualifications of the individuals that spoke here today. Now, again, there’s disagreement between people in this room. The viewpoints expressed are those of those individuals expressing it. But these are real world experiences from people that are on the front lines, that are treating patients. It’s different from probably anything you’ve heard, unless you’ve been following these people in the media, trying to break through, trying to convey to the American public and provide the information that I think we all need, that we all deserve”.

Some of the same panelists are keynote speakers of a multiple-Florida-Cities tour this month. These speakers include Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Dr. Pierre Kory as well as Dr. Judy Mikovitz. The speakers will vary with each event. The “Save a Generation” events are sponsored by the Take Action for Freedom organization. The organization’s event poster is shown above and the schedule is below. For more information and tickets, go to this link.

Patricia “Tricia” Plessl told us that OZA Essential Living will be offering nature-based immunity kits and Watt-Ahh at the event on Friday, April 29. 2022. They will be showcasing testing and therapy modalities available at OZA including live blood cell analyses and the WIT Machine.