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March 26, 2022 – Why hasn’t the practice of medicine advanced to become more customized to the individual patient? … with real-time results and methods that do not involve jabs, chemical iv’s and magic pills with side effects that can be worse than the symptoms being treated. Our live blood tells the story of our current health. Preservatives are added to blood samples such that the labs are analyzing dead blood. The results typically take days before either the patient or her doctor receives the report. Our health is dynamic and analyzing dead blood only gives dated and incomplete information.

Rob and I recently visited Holistic Health Practitioner Fanda Plessl and Health Coach Tricia Plessl of OZA Essential Living in Venice, FL. Fanda told us that blood is “the Eternal Flame of Life” and live blood needs to be analyzed in real time for the most accurate results.

Fanda told us red blood platelets are fragile and by only applying minimal pressure, the membranes rupture and the contents including bacteria and viruses pour into the surrounding plasma. A small blood sample from pricking a finger tip is placed on a slide. The images through his microscope are projected onto two screens for the individual to see. These are not an Elizabeth Holmes/Thoranos and Walgreens mystery machine … someone’s actual blood is immediately projected onto the screens with skilled individuals (Fanda and Tricia) to point out the anomalies or spikes that can represent indicators of malnutrition, toxins carried indoors by our pets, parasites, molds, infections and oxidative stress.

Fanda explains that he uses different lighting fields (or backgrounds) including bright, dark and a third one for oxidative stress. Each dimension builds on his analytical interpretation. After the individual fasts for at least 4 hours, the initial consultation usually takes at least an hour as Fanda and Tricia thoroughly collect information on the individual lifestyle, diet, stress factors and current health conditions such as breathing or urinary conditions. Fanda told us that a report is compiled within 24 hours to share with the individual. He said they focus on the “red flags” to address with the individual in the first phase of their holistic treatment.

WIT Machine — Same-day Live Blood Results Before and After a Treatment Session

From the live blood analysis report, Fanda and Tricia also custom the recommended treatment for the individual. For respiratory and viral infections, their number one recommendation is to breathe the DiTetra Gas generated from the WIT Machine. Other complimentary treatments such as the Rife frequency machine may be added to the individual health action plan.

What is really exciting is the individual can have a live blood analysis done after treatment and before heading home. Fanda and Tricia routinely see improvements in blood after treatment. Real-time knowledge is powerful to affirm that a treatment is working and certainly not readily  available when someone embarks on using a prescription drug.

Take Control of Your Health – Dana’s Editorial

I confess that I am a medical sissy. It is understandable from my experience with misdiagnosis, vaccine impairment, painful needles and my very limited experience in prescription drugs with  miserable side effects. Waiting on lab results while thinking the worst scenario causes great stress.

With these experiences, the bright side is that I can commiserate with our customers who are seeking natural solutions for more sustainable and energetic lives. I have learned from these same customers that we all must be brave without fear of taking control of our own health.

Breathing DiTetra Gas from a WIT Machine is pain free and places me into a state of calm. I know the breathing session will eliminate pain for me such as softening the thumbing of a migraine headache. But to know my blood becomes healthier and learn from both Fanda and Tricia the proof can be viewed on a screen after a breathing session is indeed a powerful realization for me.

Fanda, Tricia and Zuzana have accepted licensing of a WIT Machine. It is a business and the machine must generate revenues through appointments to continue operating at OZA Essential Living. If you are seeking a real-time health analysis and an effective treatment to feel better, please support the WIT Machine at OZA located in Venice, FL.

Contact Information: Fanda and Tricia Plessl, OZA Essential Living, 109 Tampa Avenue W., Venice, FL.  34285, Call for an appointment at 941-786-5033, email:, website:


We enjoyed our discussion with Fanda and Tricia on testing of the current state of one’s cellular health due to levels of acidity, toxicity and inflammation. Rob also discussed electron energy that is essential for healing and how the magnetic field in the WIT Machine holds the water molecule while electrons flood across the water to create the plasma-like DiTetra Gas. The Gas also delivers a higher concentration of oxygen to the blood that can change the cellular environment which lowers survival of harmful anaerobic bacteria and mold as well as improve respiratory function. Rob said the electrons in DiTetra Gas can disperse blood platelets to reduce clotting as well as separating from platelets with spikes thereby reducing hemorrhaging from blood vessel damage in the eyes. OZA has available goggles that attach to the canella used to infuse the DiTetra Gas into corneas.

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