Faces of Childhelp – Interview with Rob and Dana Gourley of AquaNew

April 30, 2022: April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. In Childhelp’s April 2022 newsletter edition, AquaNew’s Rob and Dana were identified as two of the “Faces of Childhelp”. Here is the interview:

How long have you been involved with Childhelp?
Since December of 2011. our Watt-Ahh customers have donated over $33,000 as of the end of March of 2022.
What is your affiliation with Childhelp?
We are the founders of AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh bottled water and have supported Childhelp for years.
All Who Enter Here Will Find Love is above each Childhelp door. What do you love about Childhelp?
During the invasion of Ukraine, we have thought often about Yvonne and Sara’s successful efforts to evacuate children from the orphanage at the end of the Vietnam War or what is famously called “Operation Baby Lift”, flying the children to the open arms of their future adoption parents in California. Yvonne and Sara’s commitment and leadership in securing both safety and welfare for children in need remain exemplary and unrelenting even to this day. They are the lighthouse women of Childhelp history that must be repeated in our troubled world. Sara and Yvonne are the light that we love.
What would you say to inspire a child who is struggling right now?
That is a difficult one to answer and we are not sure what we might say will resonate with a child. We must defer instead to the trained counselors, medical professionals and administrators at Childhelp whom we met at its headquarters in Phoenix, AZ in 2019 before we attended the 60th Year Diamond Jubilee Gala. Maybe we can say to the child there have been thousands of giving individuals nationwide that care about them each time they bought Watt-Ahh. Their combined donations to Childhelp contributed to supporting the counselors who can inspire each child.
We work to rebuild dreams for recovering children, what was your childhood dream?
Rob lost his adoptive mother when he was seven years old and Dana lost her father at age 17. Loss has been experienced by all of us, but a rebuilt childhood life due to tragedy can make us seek more self-reliance and independence since our parents will not be around to soften our life’s falls and celebrate our successes. Perhaps recovering children dream of self-sufficiency that will prepare them for another life… not the same one anticipated since something went wrong with their parents but a different one with its own different experiences and rewards.