Until Supplies Last — Watt-Ahh 12-one Liter Bottles

December of 2021 – The current warehouse supply of Watt-Ahh liter bottles is projected not to last until the end of 2021. There will be a gap through the end of January or even longer into February of 2022 until the liter bottles are produced on a new bottling line that is currently under construction.

We will try to serve as many customers as best as possible with the limited supply. Our customers’ understanding and patience of recurring back orders over the last few years have been phenomenal. Our hope is the new high-speed bottling line will ease the back-order nightmare.

In the interim until the liter bottles are restocked, we must apply temporary limitations on orders. The supply of Watt-Ahh 24-16.9 oz. bottle cases will not have these limitations.

  • Shipment of pallets have been suspended until restock and we will maintain a first-order/first-serve wait list for liter-bottle pallets.
  • No more than 8 cases per household during this interim period.
  • We will maintain a first-order/first serve wait list for liter-bottle cases.

During the liter-bottle back order time, we will discount the retail pricing for the 24-16.9 oz. bottles such that the pricing is equivalent to ordering 5 or more cases at a time (retail price of $40 will be discounted to $35/case if the customer so inquires/requests).

Back orders are tough but there is a strong prospect of using a more efficient bottling line to increase production volume while maintaining our high quality standards for the polarized water plus improving on the bottle/cap performance and imaging of the product.